Video: Harry Caray Didn’t Sex That Woman

Legendary broadcaster and Italian-American in disguise Harry Caray was fired unexpectedly by the St. Louis Cardinals after the 1969 season. Rumors circulated that the reason for Caray’s sudden dismissal concerned an alleged affair that Caray was having with the daughter-in-law of Cardinals owner August A. Busch, Jr.

Caray spoke to those rumors later in life. And, while he doesn’t expressly use the word sex as a verb — like other luminaries such as Color Me Badd and Young MC — it’s obvious to anyone with a brain that Caray is thinking it.

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  1. Giants2012? says:

    anyone want to put subtitles to this Harry Caray picture? I’m not sure “didn’t sex that woman” fits with his expression … but maybe it would be a funny juxtaposition.

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  2. nubillybaroo says:

    he did kill a man with his own shoes.

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