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Video: He’s the DJ, I’m the Mayor

That man up there who knows all the words to 1979’s genre-defining single “Rapper’s Delight” is, in fact, not all the members of The Sugarhill Gang combined M.A.S.K.-style to form an uber-rapper, but rather Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter. The man next to him, on the ones and twos, is DJ Jazzy Jeff, who once combined with the Fresh Prince (a.k.a. Will Smith) to sing the songs of our lives.

“Yes, but how’s this related to baseball?” maybe you’re asking. To which I answer: (a) the event in question was the opening of a Philadelphia-area sporting goods store known as Mitchell & Ness and (b) there’s at least two or five Phillies-related items in the background there.


H/T: RJ White