Video: Jose Valverde Has Body, Rocks Party

It’s common practice for one, when dancing, to shake what his mama gave him. If the video here — from a Detroit-area benefit held in August — is any indication, Tiger reliever Jose Valverde is the sort to shake not only what his mama gave him, but also quite a bit of what he’s given himself courtesy a diet rich in lipids.

Choreographed dance handshake for Jeff Zimmerman and, it appears, Twitter-er RationalSport.

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Credit is properly due to RationalSportsFan. S/he’s the one who mentioned it (and then dug up the video) during the “Fangraphs After Dark” chat last night.

You can also see Ramon Santiago’s nipples (if you’re into that kinda thing):


Based only on that video, I am really glad the Tigers re-signed Santiago for two more years.


Hey, did you get this from last nights chat?