Video: Seth Meyers Praises RBI Baseball Duly

The author has always assumed that Seth Meyers, long-time member of Saturday Night Live and matriculating host of NBC’s Late Night program, was someone who possessed sense. Because he (i.e. Meyers) is from New Hampshire, perhaps is why. Or perhaps because he attended, if not an important university, then at least a nearly important one.

So far as indicators of good sense are concerned, however, there are few more telling ones than a deep and abiding affection for 1986 NES game RBI Baseball by Tengen*. If the promotional video embedded here is full of truth and not lies, then it would appear as though Seth Meyers possesses such a love inside his body — as does Michael Schur (nĂ© Ken Tremendous), against whom Meyers claims to have competed regularly while the two were colleagues at SNL).

The relevant passage begins at 0:33.

*Which game was apparently known as Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium in Japan, the internet announces.

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