Video: The Future of Sports w/ James, Joe Pos, et al.

Washington University in St. Louis recently hosted “The Future of Sports,” a panel discussion featuring Bob Costas, Bill James, Joe Posnanski, Gerald Early, and Michael MacCambridge.

The first three of the names will very obviously be familiar to you. The latter two are professors at host Washington University. Early’s resume, in particular, is impressive, including a number of consultantships to Ken Burns on his various documentaries.

H/T: Tom to the Tango

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5 years 7 months ago

I attended this discussion and it was really interesting just as a contrast of styles and backgrounds. Posnanski is the writer, Early the thoughtful professor, James the number geek, and Costas the suave talking head. I will say this, Costas is as funny and engaging and quick witted as anyone you will ever hear but he really is an asshole.

3 years 3 months ago

Gerald Early, love his work!