Video: “The Great Fan Escape”

By far the greatest anything that will happen at Minute Maid Park in Houston this season:

He got away. He definitely got away.

H/T: FanGraphs’ own Mike Axisa. Don’t you ever change, Mike.

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  1. According to a tweet by Adam Rubin of ESPN (!/AdamRubinESPN/status/69440534342680577) the fan “temporarily evades police” so I’m not sure he got away. Where did you hear he had absolutely escaped?

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  2. Jay says:

    they needed the Fenway Park security guard who went all linebacker on a trespassing fan a couple of weeks ago:

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  3. tdotsports1 says:

    now that is a great vid, haven’t we all thought about chancing that after a few pops at the game??

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  4. tbad says:

    Navin as part of the Completely Unbiased Polling initiative at NG you should find and interview all of the field trespassers and collect some data. Average BAC would be interesting, and also what percent of them were happy with their decision the day after.

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  5. Randy says:

    If he had actually been caught they would have blasted the news everywhere to make an example of him. He easily punked a stadium full of security… This guy got away. in three years or so we will get the interview.

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