Video: This Is America

Today, this Fourth of July, like every other Fourth of July, I’m reminded of this incredible video:

Enjoy the holiday, my friends. As I told my comrades at NotGraphs last night, please celebrate accordingly. And, finally, on behalf of Canada: Thank you, America. For everything. We don’t say it enough.

God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.

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6 Responses to “Video: This Is America”

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  1. Stoph says:

    Clearly a descendant of Nathan Hale.

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  2. TheRealTwiddlePants says:

    TKAwadjie is right!!! A dissolve to a waving American flag is only way to possibly improve this experience. Bravo, sir.

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  3. RamboDiaz says:

    Every time I see this, I am reminded of why those Redcoats ran.

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  4. PG says:

    When I first read the article title, I was expecting a picture of a fat kid wearing a NASCAR t-shirt. Instead, I saw the coolest man alive. Kudos, America. Well done.

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  5. ThatsAllFolks says:

    Seeing how much ball park beers cost no wonder he drank it down

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