Video: Wally Backman, Doctor of Profanity

This video is the only one on the entire internet that (a) features Met managerial candidate Wally Backman but isn’t also (b) riddled with invective.

Other videos, such as this one of Backman getting ejected from a game during his one-year stint as manager of the unaffiliated South Georgia Peanuts, appear to be some kind of amazing Dadaist experiment in filth.

Note: while all the videos are pretty excellent, they’re suitable for work if and only if you’re employed as an insult comic.

H/T: Mike Silva and Playing for Peanuts

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Had to google two words from this <100 word article, and I ain't no dummy. Your writing can tend to be… less than eminently accessible sometimes, Carson. Just something to think about as you launch the new site, which by the way, I am totally pumped about. Many writers have all of the tools, but the very best know when to use a sword or a knife or something in between…. (a short sword?)

On a related note, your tone implies you're not totally entertained by this guy. I hadn't heard of him til now, but just spent 30 minutes watching clips from "playingforpeanuts" on youtube and loved it. Pure entertainment. What's your beef? Sure, he's hamming it up for the camera, but why not? I'd sign him up over half of the chumps managering in the bigs right now.

John Fitzgerald

Hey, thanks for plugging my videos. Glad you like them.

I just wanted to mention that Wally is not hamming it up for the cameras. Not one bit.