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Videos: Rick Ankiel Throwing People Out

Despite his conspicuous flaws — like his pitching, famously, and also his hitting, too, probably — Rick Ankiel continues to possess one of the league’s strongest (and, strangely, most accurate) throwing arms.

In fact, three of Ankiel’s most spectacular throws have occurred within the past two months. While none of them is so transcendent as either of the two outfield assists he recorded in a single game back in 2008, they’re certainly — each of them — exemplary examples of the genre.

Voila, readership:

7/29/11: Jason Bay at the plate.

8/28/11: Dave Sappelt at third base.

9/13/11: Josh Thole at the plate.

Bonus Footage: This isn’t from 2011, but features Ryan Theriot getting TOOTBLAN’d and Chip Caray using his favorite verb all in one clip.