Vladimir Guerrero Rock Song, and more hidden YouTube gems

In celebration of Vladimir Guerrero’s retirement, I offer this video from the YouTube archives, from 1999, celebrating his time as an Expo. There is some terrible hero/Guerrero rhyming going on, but it’s still kind of fun. Song by Mal Thursday and Paul Rocha, sung by Amy Sullivan.

Oh, while I’m at it, here’s a video of bloopers from Todd Helton filming a commercial for Longmont Ford in Colorado. Right now this video has 315 views. It deserves at least 320.

Okay, one more. Vlad knocking Tommy Lasorda over with a flying bat, while Lasorda was coaching third base and Vlad was hitting.

This edition of things your boss probably doesn’t want you to watch at work is sponsored by Retirement. Retirement: sounds nice, doesn’t it?

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This article jogged my memory of this little gem.