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By day LeVon Washington is a minor league outfielder for the Cleveland Indians, but by night he is the mother f**ing (although we can’t be sure what F-word he meant to bleep out, I’m going to guess it was the normal one, despite not having enough letters) host of the Wash Show, the hottest minor league twitter in the game right now.  He’s still looking for his swag on the diamond (.218/.331/.315 split in A ball last year), but believe me, he’s dripping with it all over the internets.  It’s a legitimate crime that he has only 782 followers, so I’m passing the #FF buck to you, dear friends. 

Bill Simmons recently appointed me the ‘czar’ of MiLB twitters (much to Carson’s chagrin), so I have the power to name LeVon Washington top dog in the inaugural NotGraphs Twitter Prospect List, and also to issue this official word of warning @TheRealTPlush:  Your crown as craziest baseball twitterer is in jeopardy.  Consider yourself on mother-f**ing notice.  Batton down the hatches while you still can, because it’s bout to be #WashTime #WashTime #WashTime #WashTime #WashTime #WashTime #WashTime #WashTime #WashTime #WashTime #WashTime #WashTime