Watch This Instead of a YouTube Compilation of Air Crashes

Odor Rios

While there’s nothing explicitly wrong with watching an entire 14-minute YouTube compilation of only air-show crashes — and while such a video might serve to remind one that life is fleeting and ephemeral — it’s also difficult to ignore the unpleasant sensation produced inside of oneself just after having regarded death upon loud and fiery death of otherwise innocent peoples.

How the reader might consider using his or her time instead of a YouTube compilation of air crashes, is by reflecting on the animated GIF embedded here of Rougned Odor and Alex Rios participating in some playful banter yesterday (Monday) after the former had made a first-inning catch off the bat of Jose Altuve. Sweetness and light, is the thing with which one is confronted in this case. Fraternal compassion. Not the stark reminder that our lives are like the snap of a god’s two fingers.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

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  1. Can the author state with absolute certainty that Rougned Odor and Alex Rios are not discussing a recent watching of an entire 14-minute YouTube compilation of only air-show crashes?

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    • AC of DC says:

      Through careful lip-reading I can confirm that what they are in fact discussing is, bizarrely enough, their shared image appearing in this very post.

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  2. Miles says:

    Indeed, Mr. Cistulli. Indeed.

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