World Baseball Classic: Afghanistan vs. Denmark

As the World Baseball Classic qualifiers continue, I wonder about a few countries outside the field of 28 teams. Sure, everyone knows that Australia, Japan, or Cuba can field excellent teams, but what about places like Belize or Bhutan?

Some Internet investigation has led me to Afghanistan and Denmark, two countries that have each produced just one major league ballplayer. Jeff Bronkey, who pitched for the Rangers and Brewers in the mid-90s, is, according to Baseball-Reference, the only player born in Afghanistan. Olaf Henriksen, who played for the Red Sox from 1911-1917, is the only player born in Denmark.

Henriksen did not have any plate appearances against Bronkey, but if he had, looking at their stats, I think he very well might have earned a walk.

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Truly the el Classico of base and ball.