What Craig Kimbrel’s Breaking Ball Is Doing Tonight

Kimbrel Looking 2

Even an important BBWAA-endorsed journalist like the present one doesn’t know precisely what Craig Kimbrel‘s breaking ball is doing tonight. One assumes, however, that it’s doing something very similar to what it did on October 3rd, 2012, against Pittsburgh’s Jose Tabata — i.e. Kimbrel’s last actual pitch of the regular season.

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  1. Dan Rozenson says:

    The poor life of a Craig Kimbrel knuckle-slurve: striking out all the time.

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  2. chiefglockandhummer says:

    i’m really digging this dude front row left of center.

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  3. AlexandertheMeh says:

    Craig Kimbrel’s breaking ball vs Kelvin Herrera’s changeup – Which would you look less stupid against?

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  4. RPMcSweeney says:

    Shout out to the guy under the ATL score who appears to be reupping on a bag of peanuts with 2 strikes and 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th.

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  5. FamousAmazingGuy says:

    From the Office of Michael S. Weiner, Executive Director or the Major League Baseball Players Association:

    “Today’s news that those members of the BBWAA afforded the privilege of casting ballots failed to elect even a single player to the Hall of Fame is unfortunate, if not sad….To ignore the historic accomplishments of what Craig Kimbrel‘s breaking ball is doing tonight is hard to justify. Moreover, to penalize players exonerated in legal proceedings — and others never even implicated — is simply unfair.”

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