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What Exactly is Nick Punto’s Deal?

I used to gripe about Nick Punto. I used to sneer at Minnesota fans who bought his shirseys and cheered loudly when he came to bat. I used to roll my eyes every time an announcer would laud him for his hard-nosed play, his determination, and, of course, his “scrappy-ness.” I never actively disliked him — never booed or threw a ranting comment into the Internet — but he always just kind of annoyed me. But then, it hit me last night. Nick Punto doesn’t give two shits about what I think. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him. If he does, he certainly doesn’t play that way. Nick Punto has transcended. He has come to the realization that he only gets one shot on Earth, and he gets to spend part of it playing baseball for a living. So, while he has the chance, Nick Punto is going to play exactly the way Nick Punto wants.



Your feelings on Nick Punto are irrelevant, you see.


Godspeed, Nick Punto. Keep on keepin’ on.