What Keeps Granderson Up At Night

We’re pleased to present here the inaugural post from Mr. Patrick Cain. Mr. Cain’s work has appeared in ESPN The Magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek, among other publications. His skill set includes “talking to people and then writing it down” — a trait that will hopefully make the pages of NotGraphs brighter than the brightest summer day. In what follows, he shows off his ability to embed video, as well.

It’s not easy being a Yankee. The 2011 season, with division rivals sharpening their teeth, will be no different. Would anyone blame a Bronx Bombers are having problems sleeping? Friends at NY-based sports-humor group, 12 Angry Mascots, understand they understand what’s really behind a lack of z’s. Thankfully, Curtis Granderson is a good sport.

The group performs next on April 7 at The Peoples Improv Theater.

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3 Responses to “What Keeps Granderson Up At Night”

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  1. Kyle says:

    Fried-egg! Fried egg!

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  2. ToddM says:

    He should have tried that Bob Seger he kept scrolling past.

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  3. mattinm says:

    I would have preferred being Rick Roll’d at the end. Stupid Friday song. Why does it exist?

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