What Was Your ERA, Nerd?

It was just a few days ago that we asked, “What Was Your Slash, Nerd?” The results are in. The average NotGraphs slash?


And if we remove the accidental repeat entries, the oh-so-clever “bradley woodrum’s butthole” entries, the incomplete entries, and the obvious lie entries, we get a more believable, but not-too-different:


All walks, little power? I believe it.

Today, let’s give the pitchers a look. So be honest, give us your best recollection of your high-school-and-higher numbers. No slow-pitch softball, please:

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  1. Zach Sanders says:

    No GB% option, Woodrum? Get your shit together.

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  2. Well-Beered Englishman says:

    I looked at the FanGraphs career leaderboards to see which major-league batters were closest to FanGraphs readers’ numbers.

    FanGraphs readers: .252/.393/.376
    Jerry Hairston Sr.: .258/.362/.371
    Tommy Glaviano: .257/.395/.395
    Jim McTamany: .256/.373/.355
    Eddie Yost: .254/.394/.371


    By the way, dear reader, remember the names Eddie Yost and Tommy Glaviano. They will be featured in the Community Research section sometime in early May.

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    • reillocity says:

      It’s funny in that Fangraphs is probably a website where commenters would inflate their OBP much more than their AVG or SLG. They’d gladly admit to being a light hitter with little to no power but under no circumstances would they own up to being undisciplined at the plate.

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  3. Bryan says:

    Like the majority of the nerds in the last post, I never played HS baseball, so I’ll share younger stats.

    Little League (ages 11 and 12)- ~3.50 ERA, but more like an 8.50 RA6. Lots of sloppy fielding behind me, which is why I had at least 10 K/6. Might have walked less than a batter per six. ~80 innings over those two years.

    Senior League (ages 13 and 14)- one game, four innings, maybe five runs (good for an 8.76 ERA in a 7-inning league). Not sure if I Ked or BBed anyone, but I balked twice. Never figured out how to pitch from the stretch.

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  4. Kogoruhn says:

    3.9 ERA, 6.4 K/9, 1.2 BB/9, 90 IP

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  5. Bryz says:

    Brings back memories of when I was in 10th grade.

    Our coach decided we needed a 4th starter and held auditions in the middle of the season. One by one our non-pitchers came to the mound and threw an inning against the JV squad, with very little success.

    Then it was my turn. In 8 pitches, I induced two grounders and a pop-out to shortstop. With a smile on his face, my coach asked me to throw another inning. I didn’t do as well, allowing a walk and a hit, but I still didn’t give up a run.

    After practice, coach talks to the whole team and says I won the audition. Then he decided to point out my pitching windup, where I “looked like Gumby” on the mound. It turned out that when I threw, my arms and legs were going everywhere. A slight pump of my arms when I started my windup, a leg kick where my foot would come head high, and my hands would come next to my right ear when I kicked. I would eventually liken it to a toned-down Ben Weber pump with a more aggressive Hoffman kick.

    Alas, I only threw 2 innings in a game after that practice. When asked, my coach told me that he felt I was more valuable as an all-out effort right fielder than a pitcher. That’s the last time I got to pitch while playing organized baseball.

    tl;dr, I look like Gumby when I pitch.

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  6. I give up bombs!

    8.75 ERA through 4 innings this year.

    But I got a wicked knuckler. Flutters like a butterfly

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  7. Peter says:

    I never got to pitch, always wanted to. I would say my team’s ERA though was in the high 8s, maybe 9s. We had some bad pitching.

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  8. Andy says:

    i pitched once
    walked 4 straight players then got pulled.

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  9. Tony Bennett (not that one) says:

    Second baseman by trade… got to throw an inning in a pre-season exhibition once…

    1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB (and 1 HBP), 2 K

    Incidentally, Nolan was always my favorite player.

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  10. bryan says:

    I pitched .1 ip in high school while getting the first batter out, then giving up a hit then 2 bb’s and a walk off loss on hbp.

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