What Was Your ERA, Nerd?

It was just a few days ago that we asked, “What Was Your Slash, Nerd?” The results are in. The average NotGraphs slash?


And if we remove the accidental repeat entries, the oh-so-clever “bradley woodrum’s butthole” entries, the incomplete entries, and the obvious lie entries, we get a more believable, but not-too-different:


All walks, little power? I believe it.

Today, let’s give the pitchers a look. So be honest, give us your best recollection of your high-school-and-higher numbers. No slow-pitch softball, please:

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Well-Beered Englishman
Well-Beered Englishman

I looked at the FanGraphs career leaderboards to see which major-league batters were closest to FanGraphs readers’ numbers.

FanGraphs readers: .252/.393/.376
Jerry Hairston Sr.: .258/.362/.371
Tommy Glaviano: .257/.395/.395
Jim McTamany: .256/.373/.355
Eddie Yost: .254/.394/.371


By the way, dear reader, remember the names Eddie Yost and Tommy Glaviano. They will be featured in the Community Research section sometime in early May.


It’s funny in that Fangraphs is probably a website where commenters would inflate their OBP much more than their AVG or SLG. They’d gladly admit to being a light hitter with little to no power but under no circumstances would they own up to being undisciplined at the plate.