Where Should I Put This Booger

Where should I put this booger I have picked.
Shall I put it on my shirt?
Shall I put it on the seat in front of me?
Shall I contemplate it for a while?
Shall I eat it?
Shall I let it drop?
Where should I put this booger I have picked.


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  1. Hawker Harrelson says:

    Kid sure caaaan pick it!

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  2. Schwartz says:

    In the punch bowl at the literary union of Louis Sachar and Shel Silverstein?


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  3. ATrain says:

    Where should I put this booger I have picked?
    Should I put it on my shirt?
    Should I flick it the dirt?
    Should I show it to my brother?
    Should I give it to my brother?
    Should I stick it on my shoe?
    Should I save it just for you?
    Where should I put this booger I have picked?

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  4. Thanks Eno says:

    Gross. Umm, ok, maybe #notkeepnotgraphs afterall.

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  5. Kris says:

    Go back to RotoGraphs Sarris, we are mourning over here.


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    • Eno Sarris says:

      Can’t this wait till I’m old, can’t I live while I’m young? (Also, I know my posts have been forgetful, but I do have 200+ of them, so it’s not like I live in a hole over at RotoGraphs that you can banish me to.)

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      • Kris says:

        I cannot believe that you have 200 posts and this has lead me to some NotRetroSpective.

        Where the hell did Jack Moore go?

        This is one of the greatest posts of all time http://www.fangraphs.com/not/when-phones-fail/

        Where is that post that Appleman Redacted.. I can’t find it

        Also, you are a very good writer, Mr. Sarris. Weren’t you once compared to 9999-hours short of Malcolm Gladwell?

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      • Urban Shocker says:

        You interviewed Ira. And you’re complaining?
        #keepnotgraphs #letssaveNotGraphshouse

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  6. Soup says:

    This is an allegory for NotGraphs.

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  7. olethros says:

    I see spending the night with Dayn Perry has rubbed off on you.

    So to speak.

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  8. Flokie says:

    I think that other kid is all excited to get it. Looks like he’s like “here, here, here.”

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  9. Flokie says:

    and the woman in the red shirt is like omg, omg, that looks so delicious.

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  10. Capt. Hook says:

    We all pick boogers. Find an adult to embarrass.

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  11. Lonely Island says:

    He Threw it on the Ground!

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  12. Peter G says:

    On Meg’s hat.

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  13. dang says:

    Useful and gross advice: put it on the bottom of your shoe.

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