While Communist Europe Sleeps, Dean Anna Homers

Dean Anna 2

While Communist Europe sleeps, Dean Anna homers into the lean American night.

While Communist Europe stamps its feet impatiently, Dean Anna eats contentedly beside the fire a stew made from stinging nettle and bonedust.

While Communist Europe wails like a child, Dean Anna fashions a crude but effective tourniquet from the uniform sleeve of the just-dead.

While Communist Europe pouts sullenly, Dean Anna tears the bodice off 50 appreciative women simultaneously.

While Communist Europe is at the opera, Dean Anna hums along to the sound of buckshot over the prairie.

While Communist Europe fiddles among its own ruins, Dean Anna utters the word rebar casually in a sentence.

While Communist Europe suffocates under the burden of history, Dean Anna buys a parcel of land just outside Nacogdoches.

While Communist Europe wades through millenia of bureaucracy, Dean Anna uses his rifle butt as an impromptu gavel.

While Communist Europe talks and talks, Dean Anna punches the game-legged deputy and then buys him a drink.

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Carson Cistulli has just published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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  1. Phillies' Front Office says:

    Carson, are you reading Armageddon Averted while drinking again?

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  2. AynRand'ssocialsecurity# says:

    Not as much a man as the American spirit personified.

    Hands that have handled more barbwire than fine chalices. Strong enough to steady a frightened stead. Gentle enough to handle an infant child.

    Boots stained with dust, oil and whisky.

    Other men, though awash with envy, cannot help but respect him.

    He maintains some place in the subconscious of every women that has ever encountered him, no matter how brief.

    A face that tells a story of the indomitable human spirit and eyes that show there are still good men in this world, Always clear and alert with just a touch of sadness for witnessing so much squandered potential.

    He’s never tied up any horse he’s ever owned, nor has he lost one.

    The wind blows stronger when he’s around, animals quiet.

    Any questions attempting to illuminate the mystery of the man are simply answered with silence and he then proceeds with the next task at hand.

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    • Phillies' Front Office says:

      Can your username and I grab a cup of coffee sometime, maybe go to this great little Italian place I know downtown?

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  3. dklcr says:

    Cormac McCarthy’s next novel is simply titled “The Dean Anna Story”

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  4. John Paschal says:

    Carson, the parcel of land is actually outside Natchitoches.

    This is a common mistake.

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  5. jim says:

    Indeed. Poetry does still suck.

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  6. Judge Holden says:

    His meridian is at once his darkening and the evening of his day.

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  7. highcheese15 says:

    I seriously just started reading Blood Meridian for the first time yesterday. This is some creepy ass coincidental shit. Also, I will never watch Dean Anna play baseball the same way ever again.

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