Why are you so sad, Steve Bedrosian?


Why are you so sad, Steve Bedrosian?

Is it because you saw the end of Kris Kristofferson’s remake of A Star Is Born?

Is it because Barry Gibb finally retired the name Bee Gees and disco died?

Is it because you are watching Bambi?

Is it because you stubbed your toe really hard?

Is it because it’s time to take off your beautiful jacket and come into the ball game?

Is it because you’re playing for the mid-80s Braves?

Is it because they made you a starting pitcher in 1985?

Is it because you know you didn’t deserve that Cy Young Award in 1987 and you feel like a fraud?

Is it because you’ve been hanging out with Hopeless Joe?

Is it because you realized time is fleeting, you’ve wasted so much of it, and you’ll never get it back?

Is it because it’s all so meaningless?

Cheer up, Steve Bedrosian.

Have some panda babies.


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Mike Bates used to have a stupid pseudonym. Now he doesn't because people want to pay him to write about baseball on the Internet and he's really a sell out that way. He is also a Designated Columnist at SBNation, co-founder of The Platoon Advantage, and is an American Carpetbagger on Getting Blanked, the finest in Canadian baseball-type sites. His favorite word is paradigm. Follow him on Twitter here: http://www.twitter.com/commnman

8 Responses to “Why are you so sad, Steve Bedrosian?”

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  1. SprayingMantis says:

    Hey, you guys totally Photoshopped an Ambrosia album cover into a Steve Bedrosian card!

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  2. Jenstrom says:

    Steve Bedrosian looks like I feel when I think about my future.

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  3. jruby says:

    He just watched Jurassic Bark

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  4. Aaron (UK) says:

    What’s that you say, Steve Bedrosian?
    Joltin’ Joe has left and gone away.
    (Hey, hey, hey…hey, hey, hey)

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  5. MALLOW says:

    I’d guess no bedrockin’ for Mr. Bedrosian.

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  6. Bedrock was a fixture on some of those great Atlanta teams, and you can’t just limit ‘great’ to World Series winners. He’s been out of the game for a generation, and WTF, is that not enough to entitle the man to some peace?

    If any of you kids were around back then, there was speculation at the time that Bedrosian would be the next HOF reliever.

    Steve-o was good for a while, and then, suddenly not so much. That’s still happening today. Kinda like “that’s life as a MLB RP.”

    Still, it’s good that somebody remembered Steve Bedrosian. For a couple of years there, he was not just respected. He was feared.

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  7. BHunt says:

    Wow, I didn’t know Billy Jack Haynes also played baseball for the Braves.

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  8. Derek says:

    He looks like Michael McDonald’s brother circa his Doobie Brothers days. That could explain why he’s so sad.

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