Will Matt Williams Tip Over?

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The above is a GIF of Matt Williams. I made this GIF, so I’m the only one who really knows the answer to the question in the title. Here’s the scenario I’m laying out. I’ve manipulated this GIF to a point where it will look like Nationals manager Matt Williams simply tips over. It will be slightly humorous.

The question is, does it ever happen? If you wait long enough, will Matt Williams tip over? Have you scrolled back up to check? Did he? He did? You must be a slow reader, then. OR ARE YOU?

Perhaps I put a very lengthy pause between the frames, so as to conserve file size. Perhaps I didn’t manipulate it at all. Perhaps Matt Williams already fell over. You should check again.

To call this a Schrodinger’s GIF would be somewhat hokey, yet not entirely inaccurate. I mean, he may have tipped over (you should check again). Or, he may have yet to. Or he never will. At this moment, because you can’t see it, all three possibilities are in play.

The best thing you can do is to leave this window open for a while. And periodically check back. Or check it right now. You did, didn’t you? Anything change?

Is this a metaphor for a larger theory on existence? Perhaps, but I’m far too lazy to conjure one up right now. I may also be too lazy to even create a GIF in which Matt Williams tips over. But you won’t know for sure unless you check the image again. Which you will. Right … now.

Have a fun and productive weekend. Matt Williams has my sincerest apologies.



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6 Responses to “Will Matt Williams Tip Over?”

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  1. im_not_that_bright@hotmail.com says:

    Spoiler – he tips over because Bryce Harper pushed him.

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  2. Well-Beered Englishman says:

    A watched skip never tips.

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  3. Back when he played his center of gravity was always located his ass, no matter what his torso did. That can lead to some bad habits.

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  4. ScrappyPunto says:

    Matt Williams has just finished a delicious 25 dollar lunch with his wife. He puts the tab onto his mastercard, then looks into his wallet, but all he has is a ten dollar bill.
    The question is:
    Will Matt Williams over tip?

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  5. mockcarr says:

    You have admit, the guy is a badass at leap frog.

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  6. Taco John says:

    Even during the composition of this sentence, I’ve had to scroll up several times to see if he tipped over.

    If Cistulli murders NotGraphs, does that mean we’ll never find out if Matt Williams tips over? This universe sucks. #KeepNotGraphs

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