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Win a Derek Jeter Watch That I Don’t Want

Well, it’s not that I don’t want this watch because I don’t like the watch itself. I’m just saying, I have a ‘dope interchangeable’ Modify Watch of my own, and I like it better:

Say what you want about the pitcher and his persona, but his man-merkin can adorn my wrist any day. And when I want to go orange, I can. Somedays I feel whiter than usual. Because the timepiece comes with many different looks, I’m good.

Something about the waterproof wristband and the sleek, iconic face works for me.

Perhaps you’d like one with pinstripes?

To win this watch (and two alternate bands), you must satisfy only two rules:

1) You must mention Derek Jeter.
2) You must amuse me.

Now, considering that I am not necessarily a fan of the Yankees, you’d be right to focus on the second requirement. But, oh, don’t forget the first. And denigrate the subject too much and I might find you undeserving.

Walk that tightrope! Walk it!