Yasiel Puig Bat-Flip Alert: Batting Practice Flip

Sometimes, people who are wise in your life will tell you that “Practice makes perfect.” Sometimes, a cat with a good sense of humor and who also happens to speak English with some measure of fluency will tell you that “Practice makes purr-fect.”

In either case, what we learn is that, for anyone who has an interest in acquiring some measure of expertise in this or that skill, what’s necessary is to develop that skill over a long period of time and by virtue of considerable repetition.

As the footage here demonstrates, at least one person in the Dodgers organization understands that. Outfield prospect Yasiel Puig has exhibited considerable promise in the art and science of bat-flipping. Those fledgling efforts haven’t compelled him to miss the forest for the trees, however — in which metaphor the forest is the potential for future bats to be flipped ever more beautifully and the trees are probably individual bats that were flipped well, but not enough to make a whole forest, probably.

Credit to Kiley McDaniel for video and Nick Piecoro for drawing author’s attention to same.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

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  1. Well-Beered Englishman says:

    Truly, a new frontier in the bat-flip.

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  2. philosofool says:

    I have never before seen a man show up the BP pitcher.

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  3. JuanPierreDoesSteroids says:

    When I saw the title of this article, I couldn’t believe it true. Now after seeing it, I can’t believe what I just saw.

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  4. Kyle says:

    I really like how, and how often, Yasiel Puig does this sort of thing.

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  5. AC of DC says:

    Observe Punto (7) as he approaches post-flip, presumably next in line, and as he observes something aloft — presumably a flipped bat. Nick Punto has been around and seen a lot of BP, but he has probably rarely if ever seen such as this. Nick Punto rolls his eyes on behalf of all of us.

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    • Bryz says:

      I do not believe that #7 is Nick Punto.

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      • ljc says:

        I believe it is Blake Smith.

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        • AC of DC says:

          Without thinking, I drew upon the Major League roster, forgetting that Puig presently practices his bat-flippery at a lower tier. I wrote in haste and in striving for cleverness demonstrated only foolishness. Were I capable of shame, I would be drenched in it.

          I have grown lax in my commenting craft and it shows; something a dedicated craftsman such as Puig will not suffer. At least not in terms of bat flipping.

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  6. l1ay says:

    Puig’s dedication to the craft of bat-flipping is truly inspiring. I can only hope one day that I am as committed to my passion as Puig is to bat-flipping.

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  7. Bryz says:

    Carson, I have one question:

    Is this bat-flip alert important?

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  8. So many questions says:

    The general consensus is going to be that if Puig does this sort of thing in the Show, he’s going to get drilled and drilled often, right? At a certain point, won’t management sit him down and tell him to knock off the showboating stuff? As entertaining as these are, it’s disrespectful to the opponent and the game, no?

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    • Rick says:

      I would love to see the batting practice pitcher drill Puig the next time he steps into the cage. And then see Puig charge the mound, it would be interesting to see how the screen in front of the mound affects things.

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    • taprat says:

      Perhaps he just likes to flip bats. You have to make some assumptions before you can conclude that “disrespect” is involved at all.

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      • jB4s7 says:

        The action is by definition disrespectful regardless of intent.

        Perhaps I like to show everyone my middle finger. That would likely be a problem for me regardless of my intent to be disrespectful.

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    • Mick says:

      Disrespectful to the opponent? I was under the assumption that this was a game played by men, not sillynannies.

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  9. Pableaux Gunmoney says:

    Too long has the bat flip been restricted to longball celebration. I’m excited to see an ever more likely Puig sac bunt/bat flip.

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  10. reillocity says:

    This could be a dangerous habit in the big leagues as they don’t wear helmets in batting practice like the minor leaguers do. Puig could find himself hitting in a batting practice group of one.

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  11. #UnleashPuig

    keep them coming, Carson. Love this stuff.


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  12. MLB Rainmaker says:

    Well he’s going to have to hit for power and use those bat flips, cause he’s not going to steal any bases with balls that big.

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  13. scatterbrian says:

    Imagine what we’ll see when Puig reaches his 10,000th hour of bat-flipping practice.

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  14. David says:

    I assume this was either a lazy infield fly or a dribbler to second, but I cant get a good view of the ball coming off the bat.

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  15. Packbob says:

    Per purr, filling the food dish can always rise to new heights.

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  16. Lichtenstein says:

    Someone should let him know that he looks like a humongous douchebag

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  17. Rico says:

    Less of a flip, more of a toss. However, THAT’s that’s how you end on a good one

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    • Pat G says:

      less of a toss and more of a perfectly executed batcopter

      I move to retitle every bat-flip article on not graphs as following:

      “To the Batcopter!”

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  18. Garys of Olde says:

    Perhaps someone can finally formulate a bat flipping stat? Before he gets called up?

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  19. BEN says:

    Can’t wait to see him do that in the show…but I really can’t wait to see him get beaned on the next pitch he sees.
    Show some class dude, and act like you have hit a home run before!

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  20. RA Rowe says:

    The coach hitting grounders down the thirdbase line watches the flight of the ball only long enough to feel the tiniest amount of joy. After which he puts his head down as if saying to himself “back to your toil, Jerry. Everything you fall in love with goes away, what’s the point.” And he doth resume his day of labour.

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  21. Tom says:

    That was a great swing though in honesty

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