Yasiel Puig Bat-Flip Coverage: Puig’s First Official Home Run

Puig Flip 2 real

Celebrated Dodgers prospect Yasiel Puig has, like 15 minutes ago, officially hit his first official major-league home run. Because many of his previous home runs have been accompanied by what late New Yorker editor William Shakespeare would have described as “dramatic flourish,” the prospect of Puig’s first major-league home run has served as a matter of some interest.

Indeed, there’s little drama here. So far as the author can detect, there’s a suggestion of flip — much in the way that there’s a suggestion of red fruit in this delicious Malbec right here — although it’s also the case that Puig’s swing generally possesses recoil like this.

Are we disappointed? Perhaps. But not nearly as much as we’ll one day be in our children. Or in our children’s children. Or (especially) in our children’s children’s children.

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23 Responses to “Yasiel Puig Bat-Flip Coverage: Puig’s First Official Home Run”

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  1. robertobeers says:

    This already needs to be updated.

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  2. robertobeers says:

    Talk about abundant dongs!

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  3. LTG says:

    I hope I’m dead before the birth of my children’s children’s children. Ahhh, happy thoughts.

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  4. jcxy says:

    Does he have a nickname?

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  5. Porrige says:

    Scouts said he had an 80 bat flip, and here I thought it was all hype

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  6. But what malbec was it? In my experience this is oft the fruitiest of red grapes.

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  7. David Ortiz says:


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  8. tz says:

    Mattingly must have been pleased that Puig’s second homer barely had any flip to it (the trajectory was low and so Puig had to book it out of the box).

    On a more important note, how the @#$@ do you pronounce Puig? It’s not your typical, easy-to-pronounce Cuban name like Chapman.

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    • ARC_Troopa_Nate says:


      2-4 with 2 bombs, not bad so far. He clearly has the talent and can produce at the big league level now, he just needs to mature a bit.

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      • John says:

        Actually he was 3-5 with a deep double and two homers. Best analogy is a wild horse on a baseball field, do you really want to have that matured?

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      • Psychedelic says:

        Ya if he can mature and grow as a major leaguer he will be great. It’s going to be fun watching him these next years

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  9. P. Dow says:

    I think it’s safe to say he knew his bat flips were sub-par…clearly why he came to the dugout steps for extended applause after each home run.

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  10. Aaron Gleason says:

    The Real Deal Yasiel. thats what i call him. Or Bay of Puigs.

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