Yeah It’s Impossible

Seriously, just click to make larger first.

Thoughts upon inspecting this excellent newspaper graphic from the San Francisco Chronicle:

1) Man, I haven’t picked up a print newspaper in a while.
2) I haven’t gone outside in a while.
3) Yeah it’s impossible.
4) At the last game I went to, my cousin and I wondered why nobody charted foul balls so that we could get a heat map of foul balls, maybe one where the color is decided by just sheer number of balls and then one where it’s measured by catchability because you wouldn’t want one to take your head off.
5) What the heck is a quarter second? What’s a millisecond?
6) Is there anything I can do in 150 milliseconds?
7) Dirty.
8) Does the bat literally deliver the power of nine large horses upon the ball?
9) It’s probably right when people say Mike Stanton delivers destruction upon balls, then.
10) Gotta find this book.

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Wait a minute… you’re telling me that the San Francisco Chronicle actually printed something interesting? I smell forgery!