Yes Torii, Times Are Indeed Hard

America is dealing with some of the hardest economic times she has seen in recent years. Although professional baseball players tend to make a decent amount of coin, even they can’t remain blissfully aware of the plights of us plebeians. Observe the sight which befell Torii Hunter yesterday:

Yes, Torii. Times are hard out here. And the cause? Well, just ask your teammate, Vernon Wells:


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6 Responses to “Yes Torii, Times Are Indeed Hard”

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  1. Based on that chair, I’m imagining a seat belt MacGyver’d out of a yard stick, shoe laces, a Tomagotchi and some Elmers glue.

    And maybe it IS just society, but how does one lose the initial front seat? Isn’t it sort of, I don’t know, “latched in” there?

    Any chance the fender had a “My Other Car is a Magic School Bus” bumper sticker?

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  2. Mike D says:

    Something tells me that doesn’t pass inspection

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  3. Anon says:

    The car’s owner is just decreasing weight in the car for increased performance.

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    • Dylan says:

      I don’t see an increase in performance when the chair slides into the back seat after he hit the throttle. But the seat must be much easier to adjust.

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  4. I’m proud to frequent a web community where I don’t have to be the one to drop the phat “Maybe it’s just society” line.

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  5. reillocity says:

    Further evidence that preschoolers should NOT be allowed to drive to school.

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