Yet Another Reason to Love Brandon Morrow

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First, Brandon Morrow said he’d “rather look at the nerd stats.” Then he shows up to Ricky Romero‘s first start of the spring with notes on Romero from Brooks Baseball, which he passed on to his teammate.

Witness, via John Lott in the National Post, a fine Canadian newspaper:

Brandon Morrow’s research startled Ricky Romero. It showed that Romero had almost given up on a key pitch during his disastrous 2012 season.

In 2011, when his ERA was 2.92, Romero threw sinking two-seam fastballs 22% of the time. Last year, his sinker rate fell to 11%. His ERA was 5.77, worst among big-league starters.

Morrow found those figures on the website, printed them out and gave them to Romero.

“I was a little bit amazed by it,” Romero said Tuesday, pulling the sheet from his locker.

Brandon Morrow is going to, hopefully, start a revolution.

Every now and then, usually on my walk to work in the morning, I whisper to myself: “Brandon League for Brandon Morrow.” I can’t let myself forget; I won’t. And I can’t wait for that no-hitter.

Image credit: David Lykes Keenan Photography.

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Patrick Dubuque

Mike Sirotka.

I’m sorry, Navin. You left me no choice.

Big Jgke
Big Jgke

I wonder what the shelf life of this is. Like, I’m pretty sure that i’ll be warning my grandkids about the dangers of trusting strangers (and Chicagoans, obvs)using the sad tale of the Sirotka Trade.