Young Curtis Granderson

Young Curtis Granderson’s mustache has been described as “effortful.”

While others see in Young Curtis Granderson’s choice of collars faint hints of militarism or marchingbandism, Young Curtis Granderson wears this particular shirt because the menswear at Chess King is both affordable and stylish.

The chain around Young Curtis Granderson’s neck is not a fashion accoutrement; it is there in case Young Curtis Granderson wins a medal. Most likely this medal would be awarded for triumph in competitive pursuits known variously as “AP calculus” or “kissing” or “sports” or “life in general.”

Underneath Young Curtis Granderson’s shirt there is another chain, one choker-length in design and execution and one you cannot see. It is there because Young Curtis Granderson’s mighty heart needs a friend.

Young Curtis Granderson finds it difficult to listen to New Jack Swing because Young Curtis Granderson is New Jack Swing.

Young Curtis Granderson smiles not to ingratiate; Young Curtis Granderson smiles because Young Curtis Granderson is Young Curtis Granderson, which makes for happiness.

Sometimes, Young Curtis Granderson daydreams of having a catch with Jean-Jacques Rousseau or Tevin Campbell.

To Young Curtis Granderson, the future is a consenting adult. Young Curtis Granderson will first buy the future a nice dinner.

(HT: Snakkle and Todd’s championship Twitter feed)

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  1. Is Young Curtis Granderson available?

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  2. Kyle says:

    Looks like a young Stringer Bell.

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  3. Todd says:

    peach fuzz

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  4. mrsrock says:

    I love the effort! Sooo cute.

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