Young Dad Moustachios: Daniel Straily

My fancies were tickled when I tuned into the A’s-Indians game just in time to watch Carlos Santana — a player whom I very much like to watch — bat against Daniel Straily, another player I like to watch.

Fancies were tickled further when Straily’s moustachios flashed upon the screen — moustachios not unlike a young, hip dad might have sported in the ’70s or ’80s.

Sometimes I wish I could go back, start from scratch — a dumb baby with all my potential yet to waste. Maybe I’d make all the same mistakes exactly how I’ve made them already. But . . . maybe Dan Straily could be my dad?

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3 Responses to “Young Dad Moustachios: Daniel Straily”

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  1. Pete Mustard says:

    Whoah. That ‘stache is so tight, you could almost set a timepiece to it. Almost.

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  2. Eric says:

    I’m reminded of Mendez’s remarks from Orange is the New Black. ‘The stache is for men. It’s all-beef.’

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  3. Athletic rope necklace says:

    Maybe he could adopt you, like Michael Douglas’s Liberace tried with Matt Damon’s nobody. You could be his nobody.

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