Your Dream Job Awaits

Major League Baseball wants you. No, really, they do:

Major League Baseball is casting for an innovative new experience, which will require one lucky fan to eat, sleep, and live baseball for an entire season. If you’re a baseball fanatic and have an engaging, fun personality, this is the dream job for you.

Your new full-time job will be to literally follow baseball non-stop, as you will be charged with watching every single game of the 2011 season, blogging about all your thoughts and opinions, and discussing the hottest topics in baseball.

Let’s be honest: It does sound pretty goddamn dreamy. By my math, which is not very good, “every single game of the 2011 season” means 2,430 games. Plus the playoffs. Dreamy, indeed. There’s no such thing as too much baseball.

A couple of necessary qualifications for the “job” of note:

Must be a baseball expert.

Check. A huge check mark.

Must be comfortable in front of the camera and be able to present a positive public image.

This is going to rule out alot of nerds.

Must complete a background check to the satisfaction of MLB.

This is going to rule out alot of baseball nerds with criminal records.

In a nutshell: Watch an obscene amount of baseball, blog about it, tweet about it, put on a ton of weight, and get paid. Apart from actually playing the game for a living, it likely doesn’t get much better than that. At least for one year of your life.

One caveat:

Must reside in a location picked by MLB in New York City for the entire baseball season.

I almost want them to pick a basement apartment. A really nice one.

Godspeed, yo.

I’m not quite sure who deserves credit for that image. I found it on Reddit, where I scour the depths of the internet for anything and everything related to baseball. That’s love.

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There’s a lot of fun in this, but I’ve got to believe that one would have to have zero social life to do it. Plus, I’m a Nats fan, and eventually I’d get bored watching [hopeless team X] play its games.

Still it will probably be fun to see this on or the MLBnetwork.


The description actually says, “Must be present in the location to observe all MLB regular season and postseason games during the 2011 season.”

I think maybe they’ll assign which games you must watch, rather than give you the impossible task of watching 40+ hours of TV a day.

It also seems that drinking may be required. One of the requirements is that you must be able to verify you’re of legal drinking age.