Your Morning Cake and Quote

Here’s a cake! A Detroit Tigers cake!

Looks delish, does it not? The Sommelier of Whimsy shall pair it with a delightful-as-a-daisy Sartre quotation from The Age of Reason, that devil-may-care romp through the sun-dappled meadows of caprice …

He yawned. He had finished the day and he had also finished with his youth. Various well-bred moralities had already discreetly offered him their services: disillusioned epicureanism, smiling tolerance, resignation, common sense stoicism – all the aids whereby a man may savour, minute by minute, like a connoisseur, the failure of a life.

This has been your Morning Cake and Quote.

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10 Responses to “Your Morning Cake and Quote”

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  1. scout1222 says:

    I don’t know, the whole thing looks a little too…precise to be delicious. I guess I like a little mess with my cake.

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  2. Smooth says:

    Why does it say “Gray Happy Birthday?” I’m confused, and as a result, angry.

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    • Mr. Observant says:

      That’s the first step in a path towards a deeper enlightenment. Get a hammer and do what feels correct when you heft the hammer with your soupbone.

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  3. deadhead says:

    You know that Buzz Kill Cistulli is going to reprimand you and possibliy bring a switch o your bare hinder for misspelling Jean Paul’s last name. Now we will all be made to listen to him expound and wax philosophically about the great existentionalist shadow puppet show artists of Paris circa 1933. Thanks a lot!

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    • Dayn Perry says:

      Oh my. I must fix it before he wakes up.

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    • LTG says:

      What’s an existentionalist? Is it someone who thinks the meaning of life is to be extended in space? Or, if you meant ‘existensionalist’, someone who thinks the meaning of life is to be a member of a set?

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  4. AlexandertheMeh says:

    This cake would make somewhat more palatable my bitter, black coffee and the hell that is other people.

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  5. Mr. Observant says:

    There are horrible people who, instead of baking a cake, tangle it up and make it harder to eat for anyone who wants to eat it. Whoever does not know how to hit the nail on the head should be asked not to hit it at all.

    Friedrich Nietzsche (almost)

    You know what you have done, Perry. Please, let us eat our cake in simple ways with simple tools, like a pack of dim-witted troglodytes.

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  6. Mel Ought says:

    Nice use of ivory

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