Yu Darvish’s Three Slowest Curves from Friday Night

Here are Yu Darvish‘s three slowest curves that were also strikes from Friday night’s wild-card play-in game (box).

3. Third Inning, Chris Davis

Here’s a 68.0-mph curve from Darvish to Chris Davis in the third:


2. Sixth Inning, Jim Thome

Here’s a curve at 64.4 mph to Jim Thome in the sixth — for a strikeout looking:


1. Fifth Inning, Machado

Here’s Darvish’s slowest curve of the night (tied with one other) — at 64.1 mph to Manny Machado in the fifth:

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Dave Barker

Yea, that curve to Thome is fun to watch. Also, how about tbs including the pitchfx graphic throughout the games? Nice, eh? You hear that FoxSports?! The home of Cougar Town and Big Bang Theory is kicking your ass. veryfunny

Dave Barker

In fact, who would win in a fight between Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch? HA! Trick question, dumbass. The answer is a tag team of Superstation-era Dale Murphy and Conan O’Brien’s L.A. Looks hair gel. That’s how much tbs is killing it right now with that pitch tracker. End of discussion.