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Zombie Apocalypse, MLB Edition

It’s happening. After a series of cannibalistic attacks in the past week or so, I think we can say two things for sure: the Mayans were right, and we have chosen the form of the Traveller — not a delicious-if-irritable Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, nor a giant slor, nor a large and moving torb. The apocalypse will be brought to us by zombies, folks.

In honor of this, the last MLB season ever to be played and watched by fully living human beings, I offer you these images from the future — i.e. the 2013 MLB season that will be played and watched entirely by zombies.

Zombie Greinke: barely more unnerving than actual Greinke.

Zombie Don Stanhouse on DL with “neck issues” LOL.

This qualifies as a head first slide for Romero-style zombies.

Zombie A-Rod keeps his guts tucked in. #TrueYankeeZombie

Kirk Gibson back in action.

Jayson Werth has avoided the zombie apocalypse thus far. He has holed up in the club house eating lima beans from the can. He’s seen here trying to radio other non-undead humans. Get ready for a sweet weapons montage.