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Carlos Garcia  1990 - 19992B
Juan Carlos Garcia  10/10/1982P
Carlos Garcia  3/27/1987P
Carlos Garcia  3/18/19922B
Carlos Garcia  3/29/1989DH/OF
Carlos Garcia  5/25/1988P
Carlos Garcia  12/1/1990P
Juan Carlos Garcia  1/2/1993C
Carlos Garcia  12/15/1994P
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  • The Rockies’ One Through Eight: the Small Successes and Failures of Lineup Construction
    in Community by Eric Garcia McKinley - 12/9/2013 -  12
    )      Carlos Gonzalez, CF 4)      Troy Tulowitzki, SS 5)      Michael Cuddyer, RF 6)      Wilin Rosario, C 7)      Justin Morneau, 1B 8)      Nolan Arenado, 3B 9)      Pitcher

  • Davis, Smoak, Drew, Garcia, Carrasco: DL Returnees
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 8/29/2011 -  1
    and see how the situation unravels once he returns. If he starts, keep him. If he is just a bench player, ditch him. Freddy Garcia (finger, 18% owned) – Garcia is a nice play for a team desperate

  • Jesus Montero: Cabrera, Konerko, or Karim Garcia?
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 1/17/2012 -  101
    Jones 10166 14.3% 13.4% 0.228 0.304 0.402 0.533 143 Prince Fielder 4210 13.4% 18.5% 0.257 0.282 0.390 0.540 141 Carlos Delgado 8657 12.8% 20.2% 0.266 0.280 0.383 0.546

  • Confounding: Are the Rockies Rebuilding?
    in Community by Eric Garcia McKinley - 12/2/2013 -  4

  • A Hall of Fame Moment, Parsed and in Context
    in Community by Eric Garcia McKinley - 1/12/2014 -  4

  • Fantasy Storylines To Watch: Carlos Martinez
    in RotoGraphs by J.P. Breen - 2/28/2014 -  15
    is unfolding in St. Louis, and it doesn't involve top prospect Oscar Taveras. The Cardinals suffered a blow to their starting rotation when left-hander Jaime Garcia experienced a setback with his

  • Joe Kelly vs. Carlos Martinez
    in Community by baseballstooge - 2/28/2014 -  6
    for the rotation, and it wasn’t a stretch to say eight. While there was always going to be competition in the rotation, Jaime Garcia’s injury opens up a much more focused competition for the Cardinals’ 5th

  • Yankees, Nationals Scouting Carlos Silva
    in FanGraphs by Tommy Rancel - 3/14/2011 -  16
    Carlos Silva has drawn attention this spring for his dugout brawl with teammate Aramis Ramirez. According to Bruce Levine of ESPNChicago, he is gaining interest for what he does on the field as well

  • Freddy Garcia Is Staying Alive
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 8/12/2010 -  5
    Rare is it when a pitcher’s ERA, FIP, and xFIP are in a state of complete accord. Nearly as rare is Freddy Garcia pitching more than 100 innings in any given season during these twilight years of his

  • Carlos Sanchez & Marcus Semien: Deep League Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 8/27/2014 -  6
    . Carlos Sanchez | 2B/SS CHW | CBS 2% Owned Sanchez has started every game at second base since Beckham was traded, while possible competitor for the job Leury Garcia hasn't even received an at-bat

  • Cardinals Extend Jaime Garcia
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 7/13/2011 -  14
    The St. Louis Cardinals moved today to lock up one of their important young pieces, signing pitcher and potential ace-in-the-making Jaime Garcia to a four year contract worth $27.5 million. The deal

  • Keeper Question: Jaime Garcia
    in RotoGraphs by Dan Wade - 11/2/2011 -  11
    Garcia missed most of the 2009 season after undergoing the procedure following the 2008 season. In his first full season back, Garcia not only pitched quite well, he did so in the majors, having

  • Forgotten: Lefty Jaime Garcia
    in RotoGraphs by Dan Budreika - 12/31/2009 -  3
    Cardinals left hander Jaime Garcia almost opted for professional baseball in his native country of Mexico in 2005. But area scout Joe Almaraz convinced Garcia to sign with the St. Louis

  • Spoiler Alert: It's Garcia Time
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 9/29/2008 -  3
    is handing the ball to Freddy Garcia, former Mariners and White Sox great, who won a ring with the White Sox in 2005. Garcia spent last season with the Phillies, though most of it was not actually

  • Freddy Garcia: Value in Pinstripes?
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 5/5/2011 -  1
    Freddy Garcia did not even make our initial AL starting pitcher rankings. After a strong start to the season, at least on the surface, in a month's worth of work, the question is whether this old

  • Bourgeois & Garcia: Waiver Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Axisa - 8/1/2011 -  8
    like the elite baserunners, he's going to help your team. Freddy Garcia | SP | Yankees | Ownership: 29% Yahoo!, 45.7% The Yankees decided not to blow their prospect wad on a starting pitcher

  • Spotted: Karim Garcia Homering Importantly
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 2/8/2013 -  9
    major-leaguer Karim Garcia, currently of Mexican club Yaquis de Obregón. In tonight's edition, we find a another grainy daguerreotype -- in this case, not of Garcia being walked intentionally

  • Jaime Garcia's Return Key for Cardinals
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 8/21/2012 -  3
    Eleven innings after his departure Jaime Garcia's return to the Cardinals' rotation was buried by the absurdity of one of the season's longest games. After battling back from one run down in the 16th

  • Freddy Garcia and the Value of Broken Starters
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 1/30/2013 -  29
    From 2001 to 2006, Freddy Garcia posted six consecutive seasons with 200 or more innings pitched, and while he wasn't an ace, he was an above average durable starting pitcher. That skillset helped

  • Jaime Garcia Is the New Adam Wainwright
    in FanGraphs by Jonah Keri - 5/19/2011 -  25
    was a perfectly reasonable projection. Perfectly reasonable until we realize that Jaime Garcia is the new Adam Wainwright. As Garcia climbed the minor league ranks, he seemed to have some potential

  • Turning to Freddy Garcia With the Season on the Line
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 10/7/2013 -  55
    Clayton Kershaw again, so, yeah, this isn't a great situation -- and are turning to Freddy Garcia in this win-or-go-home game. Yes, the Freddy Garcia who turned 37 yesterday, and has had a season

  • Luck and Skill Converging for Jaime Garcia
    in FanGraphs by Joe Pawlikowski - 5/27/2010 -  21
    If not for Ubaldo Jimenez's continued dominance, Jaime Garcia might be the big story of the National League right now. Garcia pitched six shutout innings last night, holding the Padres to just three

  • Spotted: Karim Garcia on First Base
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 2/3/2012 -  8
    First, Karim Garcia was Baseball America's seventh-overall prospect. Then, he played on at least 11 different teams in at least four different countries. Then he hit a single in the bottom

  • NLCS Scouting: Greinke vs. Garcia
    in FanGraphs by Steve Slowinski - 10/14/2011 -  8
    Why, hello to you too. Toinght, 8:10pm: Zack Greinke vs. Jaime Garcia. Zack Greinke (3.83 ERA, 2.66 SIERA) Greinke has spawned a Twitter war this afternoon, as everyone seemingly wants

  • Milone and Garcia: NL Starting Pitchers
    in RotoGraphs by Dan Wade - 8/31/2011 -  1
    struggles with runners on base. Jaime Garcia With a month of the season left to go, Garcia has thrown almost exactly the same number of innings he threw last year with the exact same number

  • Christian Garcia: The Nationals' K-Rod?
    in FanGraphs by Mike Axisa - 9/17/2012 -  13
    Christian Garcia, 27, came up from the minors this month and has struck out seven against two unintentional walks in six innings of work. The only run he's allowed came on a Giancarlo Stanton solo

  • Prospect Watch: McMahon, Rondon, and Garcia
    in FanGraphs by Nathaniel Stoltz - 4/18/2014 -  5
    . ***Jarlin Garcia, LHP, Miami Marlins (Profile) Level: Low-A  Age: 21  Top-15: N/A  Top-100: N/A Line: 15 IP, 13 H, 6 R, 17/4 K/BB, 2.40 ERA, 2.60 FIP Summary It's hard not to like a lefty who

  • Spotted: Karim Garcia Getting Walked Intentionally
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 2/7/2013 -  6
    It's not immediately clear to the author what set of circumstances might have led to the six intentional walks recorded by Karim Garcia during his 10-year major-league career. Whatever

  • Carlos Zambrano?
    in FanGraphs by David Appelman - 2/18/2007 -  0
    There's been a ton of news about Carlos Zambrano's contract recently, and how the Cubs may or may not give him a five year deal and how he deserves more money than Barry Zito, etc.... Now it's true

  • Nearly Perfect: Jaime Garcia's 2011 Season
    in FanGraphs by Steve Slowinski - 5/9/2011 -  34
    much: Jaime Garcia. I knew enough about him to know he'd had a great 2010 season  (2.70 ERA, 3.41 FIP) and was still quite young, but due to being a Rays fan, I'm not as well versed on the National

  • Carlos the Closer
    in RotoGraphs by Brian Joura - 1/6/2009 -  1
    Due to a combination of a tremendous strikeout mark, a solid ERA and a nice WHIP, Carlos Marmol had a fantasy value of roughly $6 in a 12-team mixed league last year. That figures to go up

  • WS Scouting: Colby Lewis vs. Jaime Garcia
    in FanGraphs by Steve Slowinski - 10/26/2011 -  0
    How wonderfully awkward. The last time Colby Lewis and Jaime Garcia faced off, we were treated to one of the best pitcher's duels of the World Series. Jaime Garcia shut down the Rangers for seven

  • Giancarlo and Carlos
    in FanGraphs by Matt Klaassen - 2/27/2013 -  17
    cites an agent to compares Stanton to the Rockies' Carlos Gonzalez after his 2010 season, when he signed for seven-years and $80 million dollars. That comparison makes sense in that Gonzalez

  • Hot GIFs: Freddy Garcia Is Duly Impressed
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 7/20/2012 -  7
    ), during which game Cuban emigre Yoenis Cespedes hit a home run that compelled veteran right-hander Freddy Garcia to discover physics again for the first time. For the benefit of the reader, who

  • Alex Rodriguez and Avisail Garcia: Waiver Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 8/22/2013 -  4
    to make his mark in the majors. Avisail Garcia has only played 12 games with his new club, but he's shown signs of life. Both players deserve to be owned more. 3B Alex Rodriguez 61% owned

  • Avisail Garcia & Dee Gordon: Waiver Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Howard Bender - 4/2/2014 -  4
    of the rest. Figure the regular waiver articles are geared more towards leagues with 14 teams or fewer. So with that, here's who I think is worth grabbing and holding onto for the year. Avisail Garcia, CHW

  • Prospect Impact: Hicks, Arcia, Garcia and more
    in RotoGraphs by Jason Catania - 11/30/2012 -  1
    : Tigers sign OF Torii Hunter PROSPECT IMPACT: OF Avisail Garcia For a change, maybe the Tigers will avoid rushing one of their prospects. Garcia, in fact, has already been rocketed through the system