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Dickie Thon  1979 - 1993SS
Dickie Thon  11/16/19912B/SS
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  • Prospect Stock Watch -- 07/05/13
    in FanGraphs by Marc Hulet - 7/5/2013 -  14
    away impressed but left him off the organization's Top 15 prospects list due to limited views and lack of available information. Dickie Thon Jr., SS, Toronto Blue Jays Selected in the fifth round

  • The Way is Empty
    in NotGraphs by Patrick Dubuque - 6/8/2011 -  3
    and the society combine, and selfishness mingles with virtue. The victors rise to their rightful place, while the bones of Mark Prior and Dickie Thon gleam in the arid dust. Gone are the days when

  • Big Spenders: Toronto's 2010 Draft Class
    in FanGraphs by Marc Hulet - 8/15/2011 -  8
    , LHP 3rd - Christopher Hawkins, OF 3S - Marcus Knecht, OF 5th - Dickie Joe Thon, SS 7th - Mitchell Taylor, LHP 9th - Brandon Mims, 2B 11th - Shane Opitz, SS/2B 15th - Zak Adams, LHP 17th

  • 2010 Draft Review: AL East
    in FanGraphs by Bryan Smith - 8/20/2010 -  21
    because the first four picks were all hurlers, but the team's second-highest bonus getter was fifth-round pick Dickie Joe Thon. Toronto gave Thon $1.5 million to not attend Rice, and he becomes a perfect

  • Prospect Watch: Dalton Pompey and the Jays' Dilemma
    in FanGraphs by Marc Hulet - 6/30/2014 -  4
    . Dickie Joe Thon, IF/OF: Thon dealt with some health woes early in his career but he's having a bit of a breakout season in 2014 at Low-A ball.

  • Bat Flips from History: Willie Aikens, 1980 World Series
    in NotGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 4/8/2013 -  3
    -- to Kansas City first baseman Willie Aikens, at least -- was whether his fly ball against Philadelphia's Dickie Noles in Game Five of the 1980 World Series would be a home run. "This prophecy Merlin

  • Building a Farm: American League East
    in FanGraphs by Mark Smith - 3/19/2013 -  9
    Yeyfry Del Rosario RHP 24.50 33 45.0 3.0 High Javier Avendano RHP 25.00 34 - - - Dickie Thon SS 25.00 35 50.0 4.0 Extreme Jairo Labourt LHP 27.50 36 50.0 4.0

  • Where Not to Locate
    in FanGraphs by Matthew Carruth - 8/1/2010 -  25
    than the shop-a-thon of this year's. Given how active it was, it is easy to have July 30's Chicago-Colorado game get a bit lost in the shuffle. To recap, here is what happened with two outs

  • Dan Szymborski FanGraphs Chat - 5/12/14
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 5/12/2014 -  7
    being a huge HR guy.1:14Dan Szymborski: For some reason, when I think of Machado's prime, a line like Dickie Thon's the year before he got plunked comes to mind.1:14Comment From the Average Sports