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Edwin Rodriguez  1982 - 19852B
Edwin Rodriguez  5/16/1990P
Edwin Rodriguez  9/22/1993P
Edwin Rodriguez  6/8/1997OF
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  • Alex Rodriguez News Summary
    in NotGraphs by Jeremy Blachman - 10/22/2012 -  4
    Alex Rodriguez is probably the most despised player in baseball history. Rodriguez' contract is considered among the worst in baseball. Alex Rodriguez has vehemently denied reports he

  • Finding Value at Third: Pablo Sandoval and Edwin Encarnacion
    in RotoGraphs by Michael Barr - 1/14/2012 -  9
    you can get 550 plate appearances from Alex Rodriguez and do you think his bum hip won't affect his power production? Are you willing to ride the Aramis Ramirez Experience Roller-coaster? They're all

  • What to do with Alex Rodriguez?
    in RotoGraphs by Chris Cwik - 10/3/2011 -  3
    Thirteenth place. That's where Alex Rodriguez finished among third basemen in my most competitive fantasy league this season. That was behind the likes of Emilio Bonifacio, Jhonny Peralta and Ryan

  • Edwin Rodriguez: The Writing Was on the Wall
    in NotGraphs by Bradley Woodrum - 6/20/2011 -  3
    The Marlins manager, Edwin Rodriguez, announced his sudden, surprising-yet-not-all-that-surprising resignation on Sunday. the Marlins are presently 1 for the month of June, and now 0-1 without