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Robert Machado  1996 - 2004C
Robert Fick  1998 - 20071B/OF
Robert Ellis  1996 - 2003P
Robert Manuel  2009 - 2010P
Robert Person  1995 - 2003P
Robert Coello  2010 - 2013P
Robert Carson  2012 - 2013P
Robert Ray  2009 - 2010P
Robert Andino  2005 - 20162B/SS
Robbie Erlin  2013 - 2016P
Robert Stephenson  2016 - 2017P
Robert Gsellman  2016 - 2017P
Robert Dodd  1998 - 1998P
Robert Eenhoorn  1994 - 19972B/SS
Robert Gibson  1890 - 1890P/OF
Robert Perez  1994 - 2001OF
Robert Ramsay  1999 - 2000P
Robert Stiehl  12/9/1980P
Robert Watson  12/31/19792B
Robert Rodriguez  12/17/1980C
Robert Paulk  3/14/1981P
Robert Saucedo  9/26/19751B
Robert Stratton  10/7/1977OF
Robert Sandora  8/5/1981C
Robert Ransom  8/25/1981P
Robert Valido  5/16/1985SS
Robert Wooley  12/7/1984P
Robert Hinton  8/13/1984P
Robert Marconi  9/14/19822B
Robert Shankle  2/4/19831B
Robert Rohrbaugh  12/28/1983P
Robert Romero  3/28/1985P
Robert Grace  2/2/1983P
Robert Marcial  4/21/19842B
Robert Perez  6/4/1969OF
Robert Blanco  4/18/1989OF
Robert Gutierrez  6/16/1998P
Robert Perez  6/26/2000OF
Robert Javier  2/1/1999OF
Luis Robert  8/3/1997OF
Robert Garramone  8/22/1987P
Robert Nickols  3/4/1986P
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  • The Rangers Get Richer: Robert Erlin
    in FanGraphs by Marc Hulet - 5/21/2010 -  4
    (Tanner Scheppers) and 93rd overall selection (Robert Erlin), both pitchers. Today, we're going to focus on the third round pick. Erlin caught the attention of scouts as a southpaw starter at a high

  • Quick Looks at Salazar and Erlin
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 12/19/2014 -  5
    to the bullpen, buy immediately.   Robbie Erlin Why I watched: Came back from injury with mixed results Game(s) Watched: 9/23/14 vs Rockies Game Thoughts • His throwing motion