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  • Roberto Osuna Is Just About Perfect
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 7/11/2017 -  6
    , this is an article about Jays closer Roberto Osuna, and not even very long ago Osuna was in the news because he had to miss a few games, owing to rather severe anxiety. Anxiety is a sinister thing, and a personal

  • Let's Hope Everyone Takes Roberto Osuna's Anxiety Seriously
    in Community by Tim Jackson - 6/30/2017 -  4
    This weekend, we learned of 22-year-old stud closer Roberto Osuna’s anxiety and how it’s keeping him from taking the field. Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports stepped back and humanized the concept

  • PITCHf/x-Forensics: Alex Reyes
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Sonne - 2/16/2017 -  4
    ***Note, huge thanks to Jeff Zimmerman for all of his help with this piece*** The sad news that prospective St. Louis Cardinals Ace Alex Reyes was going to miss the 2017 season was devastating news

  • Alex Reyes Is the Season's First Injury Victim
    in FanGraphs by Nicolas Stellini - 2/14/2017 -  53
    and heartbreak. Alex Reyes of the Cardinals, a top-five prospect in all of baseball -- if not the best (keep an eye out for Eric Longenhagen's final rankings) -- is headed for an MRI after experiencing the dreaded

  • Trusting Blue Jays Closer Roberto Osuna
    in FanGraphs by Craig Edwards - 10/11/2016 -  9
    In this year's postseason, relievers have received attention based on when (or if) they have entered the game. For the Toronto Blue Jays and closer Roberto Osuna, there were questions a week ago

  • Mixing Fantasy & Reality: Snell & Reyes
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 9/23/2016 -  4
    than the 5.2 BB/9 he is currently posting. Notes • I am a little worried about Alex Reyes as his velocity has been trending downward from an average velocity of 96.3 mph in his first start

  • Alex Reyes Might Have Saved the Cardinals' Season
    in FanGraphs by Craig Edwards - 9/21/2016 -  4
    Alex Reyes was only called up in August. He's appeared in just 10 games, started just three and thrown only 35 of the Cardinals' 1352.1 innings. He is certainly not the most valuable player

  • Mixing Fantasy & Reality: Hendricks, Weaver, Reyes, & Judge
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 8/15/2016 -  4
    Quick Looks: Kyle Hendricks, Luke Weaver, and Alex Reyes Saturday’s Cardinals-Cubs game made for some good pitcher watching with three young pitchers taking the mound. Let me start with Hendricks

  • Scouting Cardinals Call-Ups Alex Reyes and Luke Weaver
    in FanGraphs by Eric Longenhagen - 8/11/2016 -  9
    St. Louis has added two of their top pitching prospects, Alex Reyes and Luke Weaver, to the big-league club over the last few days. Below are my brief thoughts on both of them as they try to buoy

  • Mixing Fantasy and Reality: Reyes, Weaver, Bundy, and House
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 8/10/2016 -  4
    Cardinals Pitcher Call-Ups: Reyes and Weaver The Cardinals called up Alex Reyes and he made his first major league appearance for the Cardinals bullpen last light. Reyes is a talent pitcher

  • Projecting Cardinals Call-Up Alex Reyes
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 8/10/2016 -  23
    The St. Louis Cardinals recalled top prospect Alex Reyes yesterday and, a few hours later, the hard-throwing right-hander recorded his major-league debut, striking out one in a clean inning of relief

  • The Legal Implications of Jose Reyes' Indefinite Suspension
    in FanGraphs by Nathaniel Grow - 2/24/2016 -  34
    When news reports broke in November that Jose Reyes had been arrested in Hawaii for an alleged incident of domestic violence, many assumed that he would be the first test case under Major League

  • Setting a Fantasy Value on Jose Reyes
    in RotoGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 1/11/2016 -  12
    Looking over some recent real and mock fantasy drafts, one name which is coming up as a potential sleeper is Jose Reyes. His fantasy value is unknown with his projected value being quite a bit

  • Roberto Osuna and the Aging Curve for Young Relievers
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 10/21/2015 -  21
    Way back in April, the Blue Jays turned some heads when they filled out their bullpen with a couple of 20-year-old A-Ballers: Miguel Castro and Roberto Osuna. Few doubted that these young arms had

  • Prospect Stock Watch: Bradley, Giolito, Moncada, Reyes
    in RotoGraphs by Marc Hulet - 8/17/2015 -  7
    quickly through the system once he acclimatizes to life in North America. [Value Up] Alex Reyes, RHP, Cardinals: Reyes would like to challenge Giolito for the mantle of ‘Most Talented Arm in the Minors

  • Blue Jays Add Offense, Trade Reyes For Tulowitzki
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 7/28/2015 -  25
    The team that's scored the most runs in baseball this year just made their offense better by trading Jose Reyes and minor leaguers to the Rockies for Troy Tulowitzki. Ken Rosenthal broke the news

  • Hoffman and Reyes Among Minors' Most Intriguing Arms
    in FanGraphs by Kiley McDaniel - 7/16/2015 -  3
    two, eventually. ***** Alex Reyes, RHP, St. Louis Cardinals Reyes was making a lot of buzz with his first starts this spring and I talked to a scout in April who saw one of those

  • Alex Reyes's Weakness Isn't That Strong
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 5/22/2015 -  15
    Cardinals pitching prospect Alex Reyes is putting up some gaudy numbers in High-A Palm Beach. Through seven starts, the 20-year-old owns a sparkling 1.78 ERA and an equally sparkling 1.80 FIP. FIPs

  • Miguel Castro, Roberto Osuna and the A-Ball Jump
    in FanGraphs by Chris Mitchell - 3/16/2015 -  12
    the creme of the crop. That's about as unexciting as it gets. However, there are some wildcards in the bullpen mix. There are rumblings that a couple of 20-year-olds -- Miguel Castro and Roberto Osuna

  • Jose Reyes Bounces Back ... At Least For Now
    in RotoGraphs by Karl de Vries - 11/4/2014 -  0
    It’s been more than a decade since Jose Reyes broke into the majors, and for this Mets fan, who grew up in Shea’s baseball wasteland of the ’90s when the likes of Jay Payton, Paul Wilson and Rey

  • Blue Jays Infield: Appreciating Encarnacion and Reyes
    in RotoGraphs by J.P. Breen - 2/17/2014 -  17
    projections. Jose Reyes only played a half-season due to injury, while guys like R.A. Dickey and Mark Buehrle were unable to post ERAs under 4.00. In many ways, it was a season-long nightmare

  • Alex Reyes: The Best Pitching Prospect You've Never Heard Of
    in RotoGraphs by Nathaniel Stoltz - 2/7/2014 -  23
    of stardom. Of the couple hundred pitchers I saw in person last year, nobody evoked those thoughts more strongly than Cardinals pitching prospect Alex Reyes. The fact that it was Reyes who blew me

  • The Untold Story of Roberto Clemente's Plane Crash Litigation
    in Community by John Racanelli - 1/7/2014 -  10
    The Fatal Crash Roberto Clemente was both a remarkable ballplayer and genuine folk hero. As an outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Clemente was a perennial All-Star and Gold Glove recipient. He

  • Roberto Hernandez Heads to the Land of Cheesesteak
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 12/19/2013 -  1
    No, not the Roberto Hernandez who saved 326 games and spent his career in the bullpen, silly. It's the Roberto Hernandez who became the artist formerly known as Fausto Carmona of course! After

  • Phillies Grab Whatever Roberto Hernandez Is
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 12/12/2013 -  29
    is and isn't sustainable. All of us want to be fortune tellers. The Phillies signed Roberto Hernandez today, as a starting pitcher. He's going to get a base salary around $4.5 million, and with incentives he

  • The Best of the Worst, Or, What Do Roberto Clemente, Pete Rose, and Ted Simmons Have In Common?
    in Community by triple_r - 10/21/2013 -  6
    a chance to outshine it. This next guy, though? Well... 1. Roberto Clemente  Career WAR: 80.5 LVP year/WAR: 1955/-0.9 Classification: Start-of-career bump Yeah, I'd say he made up

  • Contract Crowdsourcing 2013-14: Roberto Hernandez
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 10/14/2013 -  12

  • Is Jean Segura a New Jose Reyes?
    in RotoGraphs by Blake Murphy - 7/16/2013 -  14
    Last week, I wrote about Hanley Ramirez in this space. Because it was a look at Ramirez’ success over the past eight years, the natural comparison to another top shortstop in that span, Jose Reyes

  • Roberto Hernandez & Marcell Ozuna: Deep Waiver Wire
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 5/1/2013 -  15
    that was just called up. Roberto Hernandez | TAM SP | 8% Owned The artist formerly known as Fausto Carmona is back with a new name and pitch mix. On the main FanGraphs blog, we have already

  • Roberto Hernandez is Not Fausto Carmona
    in FanGraphs by Bradley Woodrum - 4/24/2013 -  22
    Yes, well obviously Roberto Hernandez is not Fausto Carmona. The name Fausto Carmona belongs to someone else, and though the history of Cleveland Indians starting pitcher "Fausto Carmona" belongs

  • A Silver Lining From the Jose Reyes Injury
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Petriello - 4/15/2013 -  21
    When Jose Reyes slid awkwardly into second base in Kansas City on Friday night and twisted his ankle badly enough that it will keep him out until July, it wasn't just Toronto Blue Jays fans who

  • Roberto Hernandez: New Name, New Team, New Pitcher?
    in FanGraphs by Michael Barr - 4/9/2013 -  10
    Not long ago, Roberto Hernandez was considered to be an up-and-coming starter for the Cleveland Indians. He was also known as Fausto Carmona. But regardless of what it said across his back, his 3.06

  • Rays Sign Roberto Hernandez
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 12/12/2012 -  17
    The Rays began life after James Shields in earnest with their first transaction since the big move Wednesday. The club is reportedly close to inking pitcher Roberto Hernandez -- formerly and better

  • Jose Reyes And the Pain of Moderated Expectations
    in RotoGraphs by Dan Wade - 11/6/2012 -  3
    were Giancarlo Stanton, the home run monstrosity and Jose Reyes. After a pair of seasons cut short by injury, Reyes played a remarkable 160 games, which was the Marlins' team high by more than

  • Trade Me Jose Reyes
    in RotoGraphs by Ben Duronio - 7/5/2012 -  10
    Jose Reyes was drafted as a three category juggernaut in a prime position. Owners expected him to be near the top of the league in steals, average, and runs as he will hit atop a lineup

  • Jose Reyes & The Abyss: Multiple Choice
    in NotGraphs by Cody Wiewandt - 12/12/2011 -  11
    This photo, taken last week during Mr. Reyes' official introduction to the mighty Marlins of Miami, shows Mr. Reyes, amidst all the pomp and circumstance of this happy occasion, transfixed, his

  • Jose Reyes Lands In Miami
    in RotoGraphs by Erik Hahmann - 12/6/2011 -  0
    The Marlins’ addition of Jose Reyes not only affects the 29-year-old shortstop, but also has a great impact on two other Miami players. In October I penned a piece about Jose Reyes’ outlook

  • Jose Reyes And Other Big Money Shortstops
    in FanGraphs by Mike Axisa - 12/5/2011 -  25
    The Marlins made the first big move of the winter meetings Sunday night, agreeing to sign Jose Reyes to a six-year contract worth $106 million. It's obviously the largest contract in franchise

  • Marlins Get a Potential Bargain in Jose Reyes
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 12/5/2011 -  124
    Before the off-season started, we asked you guys to project how much the primary free agents would sign for this winter. The FanGraphs Crowd tabbed Jose Reyes for a six year, $101 million contract

  • Is Jose Reyes Suffering From Crawford Backlash?
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 11/15/2011 -  60
    Last week, the Marlins made an offer to every free agent with a pulse. At the heart of their "Sign Everyone!" plan is Jose Reyes, who reportedly received a six year, $90 million offer to move

  • How Would Jose Reyes Fit on the Marlins?
    in FanGraphs by Paul Swydan - 11/14/2011 -  18
    In thinking of the likely landing spots for Jose Reyes, few, if any, would have guessed the Florida... er, Miami Marlins. But with multiple reports speculating on such a possibility, it’s worth

  • Can the Marlins Really Sign Reyes, Pujols and Buehrle?
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 11/14/2011 -  25
    that the team entered the 2011 offseason targeting Albert Pujols, Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle, three of the top free agents available. Signing all three might seem like a long shot, but the Marlins

  • Jose Reyes Does Not Want To Be Your Friend
    in NotGraphs by Mike Bates - 11/10/2011 -  3
    You may not be aware that world famous singer, wrapper, and sous chef Jose Reyes also is a shortstop of great quality and is currently unemployed, all alone, and looking for a new club that can help

  • Jose Reyes: Three Year Deal Candidate?
    in FanGraphs by Steve Slowinski - 11/9/2011 -  41
    are preparing to offer Jose Reyes a three-year deal, I had to chuckle to myself. There's the small market Marlins we know and love (/not really). They can talk the talk all they want, but if they're

  • Jose Reyes: A Look to Next Year
    in RotoGraphs by Erik Hahmann - 10/11/2011 -  5
    After a sub-par 2010 and an injury riddled 2009, Jose Reyes burst back onto the scene in a big way this season. The 28-year-old had his best season per wOBA, finishing with a mark of .386, 20 points

  • States of Undress: Reyes and Carpenter
    in NotGraphs by Dayn Perry - 10/11/2011 -  6
    a nude Jose Reyes and a Chris Carpenter freshly pruned of his base-and-ball chemise! Know that these espousals were as hollow and empty as hollow and empty things: That, of course, is Jose

  • How Much Will Reyes' Injuries Cost Him?
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Zimmerman - 8/24/2011 -  18
    Jose Reyes will become a free agent this offseason. The Mets' shortstop looks to make quite a bit of cash, but his recent injuries might limit what teams are willing to pay. From 2005 to 2008

  • Roberto Alomar: A Video Essay
    in NotGraphs by Navin Vaswani - 7/25/2011 -  8
    claim to. Enjoy. It doesn't happen often: A player for the ages turning up on your favorite team. In a perfect world, Roberto Alomar would have stayed a Blue Jay longer. In a perfect world

  • Passing on Jose Reyes
    in FanGraphs by Chris Cwik - 6/21/2011 -  57
    . Though we felt good about our franchise players, many of the readers were quick to point out players they felt were snubbed. Of all the names mentioned, Jose Reyes has become the one player I'm

  • Jo-Jo Reyes Wins
    in FanGraphs by Tommy Rancel - 5/31/2011 -  8
    Jo-Jo Reyes will not go down in history as the starting pitcher with the longest winless streak. As it stands, his 28 starts in between victories is tied for the longest stretch in MLB History. After

  • Jose Reyes Trade Talk: Why NOT the Giants?
    in FanGraphs by Eno Sarris - 5/5/2011 -  77
    There's been some talk that the San Francisco Giants are having internal discussions about trading for Jose Reyes this year. At first blush, it makes sense - the Giants are trying to get back

  • AL SP Update: Morrow to DL, Reyes to Rotation
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 3/24/2011 -  11
    . In the meantime, former Braves prospect Jo-Jo Reyes, who was acquired along with Yunel Escobar last season, was named to the rotation as Morrow's replacement. Does he have any potential to generate at least some

  • Hackin' Jose Reyes
    in FanGraphs by David Golebiewski - 3/11/2011 -  28
    With a healthy, productive season, Jose Reyes will become a very wealthy man next winter. The switch-hitter, eligible for free agency following 2011, could hit the market as a 28-year-old

  • Who Would Want Jose Reyes?
    in FanGraphs by Paul Swydan - 1/31/2011 -  59
    that Jose Reyes -- who stands to be in the running for a nine-figure contract as a free agent next fall if he stays healthy and has a good year -- will be traded before the July 31 deadline

  • Pending Options Spotlight: Jose Reyes
    in FanGraphs by Jack Moore - 10/25/2010 -  18
    season together. Naturally, that means that there's going to be some speculation about the future of some of the Mets talented veterans, such as shortstop Jose Reyes. The Mets hold an option

  • Jose Reyes' Sluggish Start
    in RotoGraphs by David Golebiewski - 5/15/2010 -  9
    New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes has long been a fantasy stalwart due to his sizzling speed and surprising pop. After a lost 2009 season in which the switch-hitter injured his right hamstring

  • Reyes' Upswing
    in FanGraphs by Matthew Carruth - 6/24/2009 -  1
    Jo-Jo Reyes was demoted out of the Atlanta starting rotation in May and then in his first appearance out of the pen, injured his hamstring landing him on the disabled list. Coming back on rehab

  • Consistency, Steals and Jose Reyes
    in RotoGraphs by Brian Joura - 12/28/2008 -  0
    One thing that fantasy players value in their picks is consistency. And for the past three seasons, Jose Reyes has been one of the most consistent players around. According to the RotoTimes Player

  • Jose Reyes: Then and Now
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 5/29/2008 -  10
    While taking full advantage of my MLB Extra Innings package last night a scrolling bottom line informed me that Mets shortstop Jose Reyes hit his 7th home run. At that point it dawned on me