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  • Adam Dunn and the DH
    in FanGraphs by Steve Slowinski - 6/2/2011 -  31
    Joe Pawl had an excellent piece on Adam Dunn's continued slump earlier this week, discussing how Dunn's slump has cost the White Sox a few wins off its record and projection so far this year. His

  • Taking A Step Back: Steve Pearce and Lorenzo Cain
    in FanGraphs by Tony Blengino - 3/31/2015 -  17
    info suggests significant 2015 decline. I couldn't pick two more dissimilar players if I tried; this week's subjects are the Orioles' 2014 everyman-savior, Steve Pearce, and the Royals' postseason

  • in Glossary by Steve Slowinski - 11/9/2010 -  0
    Pujols in terms of offensive abilities?  This is your statistic. Context: 2009 wRC Numbers wRC Albert Pujols 153.6 Adam Dunn 115.9 Ichiro Suzuki 103.8 Nick Swisher 96.2 Jorge Cantu 84.6

  • in Glossary by Steve Slowinski - 11/9/2010 -  0
    balls don’t.  Some fly balls are tracked down by Franklin Gutierrez, while others get by Adam Dunn and go for doubles. Of all the balls that a player hits in play, how many go for hits?  In short

  • in Glossary by Steve Slowinski - 11/9/2010 -  0
    balls don’t.  Some fly balls are tracked down by Franklin Gutierrez, while others get by Adam Dunn and go for doubles. Of all the balls that a player hits in play, how many go for hits?  In short

  • The 2011 All-Flub Team
    in FanGraphs by Steve Slowinski - 7/11/2011 -  76
    worst players in the majors this season. With Chone Figgins hitting leadoff and Adam Dunn in the three hole, how could this lineup possible go wrong? - I was hesitant to place people on the All-Flub

  • Mark Reynolds Is Horri-Bad at Defense
    in FanGraphs by Steve Slowinski - 9/9/2011 -  38
    a below average fielder, this season he's taken things to a whole new level. But hey, that's how baseball goes, right? Adam Dunn is having an outlier year at the plate, so it shouldn't be inconceivable

  • 'Stabilizing' Statistics: Interpreting Early Season Results
    in FanGraphs by Steve Slowinski - 5/6/2011 -  12
    Soriano (58%) and Robinson Cano (57%). Contact Rate - 100 PA The list of players with low contact rates shouldn't surprise anyone. Adam Dunn, Carlos Pena, and Nelson Cruz have all made contact

  • UZR
    in Glossary by Steve Slowinski - 2/15/2010 -  7
    or an Adam Dunn? Do they get to more balls than average or not? ● Error Runs (ErrR) - Does the player commit more or fewer errors compared with a league-average player at their position? The run values

  • Understanding Projections, "True Talent Level", and Variability
    in Glossary by Steve Slowinski - 2/23/2011 -  5
    be measured like you can a temperature. As such, projections will never be perfect. Also, the standard deviation for specific statistics can be different depending on the player. Adam Dunn has

  • Better Match-Up Data: Forecasting Strikeout Rate
    in FanGraphs by Steve Staude - 6/12/2013 -  46
    , such a tool might tell you that Adam Dunn has a 40% chance of striking out against Stephen Strasburg, a 10% chance of drawing a walk, a 5% chance of hitting a ground ball, etc... Forget I said those

  • Why Strikeouts Secretly Matter for Batters
    in FanGraphs by Steve Staude - 9/20/2013 -  55
    % 1 0.226 15 0.309 0.220 0.318 0.446 0.334 111 0.5 Adam Dunn 30.8% 6 0.217 21 0.266 0.219 0.320 0.436 0.330 103 -0.3 Would they even be in the majors if they had

  • Morgan = Dunn
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 7/1/2009 -  113
    When the Nationals signed Adam Dunn over the winter to a 2 year, $20 million contract, the reaction from the sabermetric community was almost unanimously positive towards the move for Washington

  • Dunn to Washington
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 2/11/2009 -  22
    The corner OF market began to unclog today. First, Abreu goes to the Angels, which we discussed this afternoon, and now Adam Dunn has joined the Washington Reds for $20 million over two years

  • What's Fair for Dunn?
    in FanGraphs by R.J. Anderson - 12/22/2008 -  16
    Adam Dunn raised some eyebrows last week when he declared the Chicago Cubs as his top choice. Dunn backed his preference by stating preferential financial details as “fair”. Could it be that Dunn

  • Steve Cishek on Steve Cishek: The Making of a Marlin
    in FanGraphs by David Laurila - 1/28/2015 -  1
    Steve Cishek learned to throw a slider in 2009. Three years later, the side-winding Miami Marlins righty learned how to throw it more effectively against left-handed hitters. He has since emerged

  • A Gift Not To Buy For Steve Bartman
    in NotGraphs by Jack Moore - 12/19/2011 -  1
    over it. Cubs Jenga would be a very bad gift idea for Steve Bartman, if you were like a Secret Santa or family member or something where you needed a gift idea. Because, you know, the idea of him

  • Adam Dunn as a Pitcher
    in FanGraphs by August Fagerstrom - 8/6/2014 -  86
    , will soon connect with the comet it is intended to study. And Adam Dunn pitched in a regular season baseball game last night. This is like the Ben Revere home run of position players pitching

  • What's Wrong With Adam Dunn?
    in FanGraphs by Jesse Wolfersberger - 5/3/2011 -  58
    Adam Dunn is one of the most durable, consistent power hitters in baseball. When Chicago inked the 31-year-old to a four year, $56 million deal last offseason, there was no reason to suspect anything

  • Eight Thoughts on Adam Dunn
    in FanGraphs by Matt Klaassen - 7/16/2010 -  27
    After consulting the masses via Twitter, today I am going to share eight (very) loosely related thoughts regarding Adam Dunn: 1. Tired Dunn Talking Point A: Despite strikeout numbers that make

  • Adam Dunn's Failed Experiment
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 4/15/2013 -  61
    Adam Dunn arrived in the Major Leagues in 2001. Since then, he has led the major leagues in both walks (1,172) and strikeouts (2,046) and is third in home runs (408), and his career stands

  • Dunn To The White Sox
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Axisa - 12/13/2010 -  6
    Adam Dunn and the White Sox seemed like a fit since day one. Kenny Williams wanted a lefty run producer, and Dunn wanted a lot of years and a lot of money. It was a match made in hot stove heaven

  • Adam Dunn's Fastball Problem
    in RotoGraphs by David Golebiewski - 6/2/2011 -  4
    The Chicago White Sox ponied up $56 million this past winter to secure Adam Dunn's thunderous bat for four seasons. The move looked like a winner for fantasy owners. While Dunn would transition

  • Contract CrowdSourcing: Adam Dunn
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 8/31/2010 -  59
    Same concept as yesterday, just with Carl Crawford's polar opposite - Adam Dunn. Rather than being a speed and defense guy, Dunn is all about the power, swinging for the fences on every pitch

  • Assessing Steve Pearce's Breakout
    in FanGraphs by Drew Fairservice - 12/18/2014 -  11
    rushed out to apply quick fixes to their club - the unlikely emergence of Steve Pearce. Peace came out of nowhere to give the Orioles 4 WAR in just 100 games last year. As Mike Petriello noted

  • Steve Cishek: Why Not?
    in RotoGraphs by Eno Sarris - 1/13/2014 -  2
    Steve Cishek was a top-ten reliever this year. Steve Cishek! He's supposed to be selling seashells by the sea shore, and here he is providing valuable stats for a low cost. Provided what we know

  • Adam Dunn Rediscovering Identity
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 5/9/2013 -  23
    ago, Dave Cameron wrote an article here titled "Adam Dunn's Failed Experiment." Dunn, of course, is one of the first guys you think of when you're playing three-true-outcome free association, as he

  • Average and Adam Dunn
    in RotoGraphs by Brian Joura - 12/29/2008 -  2
    Fantasy players love sluggers. And few sluggers have been more consistent than Adam Dunn, who has cleared the 40-HR mark five years in a row, with exactly 40 dongs the past four seasons. He’s also

  • Cardinals Acquire Steve Cishek
    in FanGraphs by Paul Swydan - 7/24/2015 -  7
    for it. Via Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald: #marlins to receive double A RHP Kyle Barraclough from cardinals for Steve Cishek— clarkspencer (@clarkspencer) July 24, 2015 Steve Cishek

  • Daily Graphing - Adam Dunn
    in FanGraphs by Sky Kalkman - 5/8/2006 -  3
    Adam Dunn can mash and we all know his power and walks dwarf the negatives associated with his massive strikeout totals. Sure, his career batting average is .248, but very few can match his walk

  • Trying to Explain Steve Pearce
    in FanGraphs by Mike Petriello - 9/16/2014 -  29
    , it's not so complicated. Sometimes there's a Steve Pearce. * * * You have to figure that on a team that's outplaying even the most optimistic projections, someone has come out of nowhere to provide

  • Adam Dunn, Hall Of Famer?
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 9/17/2010 -  101
    In his post about Jason Heyward yesterday, Matthew Carruth referred to Adam Dunn as a "maybe" Hall-of-Famer. When I read that, I assumed Matthew had taken leave of his senses, or was making some

  • Adam Dunn: What Now?
    in FanGraphs by Pat Andriola - 8/3/2010 -  63
    So the trade deadline came and went this past weekend, and in that time Adam Dunn remained a Washington National. The discussion about whether or not this move in and of itself was wise has been had

  • Minimal Risk in Drafting Dunn
    in RotoGraphs by Howard Bender - 3/21/2012 -  21
    I was involved in a 15-team keeper league auction the other day and after staring at Adam Dunn in my queue for what seemed like and eternity, I finally made a move on him.  It wasn't until very late

  • The Athletic Adam Dunn
    in RotoGraphs by Mike Podhorzer - 9/2/2014 -  1
    In an effort to spruce up their offense, the Athletics acquired Adam Dunn on Sunday. He should slot in as the team's regular designated hitter against right-handers and hit in the clean-up spot

  • Adam Dunn's Offseason Anguish
    in NotGraphs by Jeremy Blachman - 1/30/2012 -  6
    Adam Dunn was at SoxFest over the weekend, talking about his disaster of a 2011 season: "I thought I'd be able to go back home [in the offseason] and blow it off and forget about

  • Great Moments in Spectacles: Steve Trout
    in NotGraphs by Dayn Perry - 9/13/2011 -  3
    Steve Trout is aware that society would prefer that he not wear those seductive Foster Grants, particularly in mixed company, but he doesn't much give a damn about that. When a gentleman like Steve

  • Getting Nothing Dunn
    in FanGraphs by Erik Manning - 7/31/2009 -  29
    be arbitration eligible for the second time this off-season, making him due for a raise. But what about Adam Dunn? Why is no one talking about him? The Prophet of the Three True Outcomes Cult

  • Suggested Products for Steve Carlton's Business
    in NotGraphs by Eno Sarris - 5/7/2013 -  2
    Deadspin recently reprinted a fascinating look into the depths of Steve Carlton's mind. Turns out, a cabal of 300 people is running the world. Or the Jews. Or the Chinese. Or the bankers. It can

  • What's Fueling Adam Dunn's Resurgence?
    in FanGraphs by Bill Petti - 5/9/2012 -  24
    After suffering through an abysmal 2011 season, White Sox designated hitter Adam Dunn is off to a fantastic start this year. Last season, the 31-year-old Dunn put up a career-low .266 weighted

  • White Sox Sign Adam Dunn
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 12/2/2010 -  78
    Two years after getting scorned by most of baseball, Adam Dunn has reportedly landed the big deal he's been looking for. According to the LA Times, the White Sox are on the verge of a 4 year, $56

  • FanGraphs Audio: Meet Steve Slowinski
    in FanGraphs by Carson Cistulli - 2/15/2012 -  2
    Episode 140 Today's guest Steve Slowinski contributes to both FanGraphs and DRaysBay -- and, perhaps more importantly, is the driving force behind the very helpful FanGraphs (née Sabermetric

  • Steve Pearce Signs with Blue Jays
    in FanGraphs by Paul Swydan - 12/5/2016 -  4
    Steve Pearce has been very good in two of the last three seasons. The Blue Jays are betting he can be good in the next two, as well, as they have reportedly signed him to a two-year, $12 million deal

  • Adam Dunn and His New Digs
    in FanGraphs by Matt Klaassen - 1/5/2011 -  24
    When Adam Dunn signed with the White Sox earlier this offseason for four years and $56 million dollars, I generally agreed with those like Dave Cameron who saw it as perhaps a slight overpayment

  • Why Would the Nationals Extend Dunn?
    in FanGraphs by Joe Pawlikowski - 3/19/2010 -  32
    Adam Dunn belongs in the American League. In fact, he should have played there his entire career. Yet every single one of his 5,417 plate appearances and 10,589.2 defensive innings have come

  • Dodgers Should Pursue Steve Pearce
    in Community by kzweng - 12/2/2016 -  5
    on trades, there's another option the Dodgers could pursue and that option is named Steve Pearce. In a way, Pearce reminds me a lot of Justin Turner. Both began their careers off slowly. Pearce

  • Highs and Lows of UZR 2007-9: Dunn
    in FanGraphs by Matthew Carruth - 11/13/2009 -  34
    . Tonight, the worst player from 2007-9: OF Adam Dunn. In a remarkable come from behind loss, Adam Dunn managed to out suck Brad Hawpe right at the finish line to steal this title from him. Though Dunn

  • Adam Dunn Has Gone Fishing
    in FanGraphs by Joe Pawlikowski - 6/7/2010 -  26
    to Adam Dunn, the focus seems to be on what he can't do rather than what he does well. Since his full-season debut at age 22 in 2002, Dunn has done two things at an elite level. He has kept pitchers

  • Introducing the Adam Dunn Hat Trick
    in FanGraphs by Blake Murphy - 7/8/2013 -  57
    trick of its own. So today, with a hat tip to David Laurila for the idea, we’re introducing the Adam Dunn Hat Trick. The Adam Dunn Hat Trick is simple – just strike out, walk and homer in the same

  • Steve Pearce Is Playing Second Base
    in FanGraphs by Jeff Sullivan - 5/5/2015 -  28
    Understand that no one's Plan A would be putting Steve Pearce into the lineup at second base. It would be nobody's Plan B, either. Understand that the Orioles have been forced into a position

  • Is Adam Dunn Finished on the South Side?
    in RotoGraphs by Dan Wade - 11/9/2011 -  12
    It probably didn’t escape too many people’s attention, but it bears repeating: Adam Dunn had a terrible year. If you knew he was struggling, but didn’t own him, it may not have sunk in just how

  • Dear Adam Dunn: Stop Stinking
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 6/27/2011 -  52
    Adam Dunn has been one of the most consistent players in baseball during the past eight seasons. King of the three true outcomes, Dunn could be counted on to post high walk and strikeout rates

  • Eyeing Cheap Relief: Steve Delabar
    in RotoGraphs by Michael Barr - 2/1/2013 -  7
    reclaims the job, with the idea that he can revert back to the guy who posted a 35.4% K rate with the White Sox in 2011. But it's not Santos that really interests me, it's Steve Delabar. Given

  • Looking At What Dunn Has Done
    in FanGraphs by Eric Seidman - 7/10/2008 -  7
    Adam Dunn of the Reds is not too complicated of a player to figure out: he walks a lot, strikes out a lot, and hits home runs. In his eighth big league season Dunn has a career walk rate of 17

  • Contract Crowdsourcing Results: Adam Dunn
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 9/1/2010 -  53
    The results of our second contract crowdsourcing are in, and while those who commented on the original post seemed willing to pony up for Dunn, they were a vocal minority. If Dunn is expecting a big

  • Steve Clevenger and the Precedent for Insensitive Comments
    in FanGraphs by Nathaniel Grow - 9/26/2016 -  93
    Seattle Mariners' backup catcher Steve Clevenger is not particularly sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter movement. Rather than keep his feelings on the matter to himself, however, he decided

  • The Thing Adam Dunn Was Surprisingly Great At
    in FanGraphs by Dave Cameron - 3/23/2015 -  59
    at the top of this list!" But since I already put his name in the headline, you've probably already figured out that I'm talking about Adam Dunn. That's right; when it comes to the best double play

  • Steve Stone is Naked, Open to the Possibilities
    in NotGraphs by Dayn Perry - 1/11/2013 -  11