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E DessensR Vazquez10___0-0Ramon Vazquez walked.0.870.5446.5 %.0350.4000
E DessensM Loretta101__0-0Mark Loretta doubled to right (Liner). Ramon Vazquez advanced to 3B.1.410.9336.7 %.0981.1100
E DessensB Giles10_230-1Brian Giles hit a sacrifice fly to center (Fly). Ramon Vazquez scored.1.362.0439.1 %-.024-0.3310
E DessensM Loretta11_2_0-1Mark Loretta picked off.1.080.7144.1 %-.051-0.6000
E DessensP Nevin12___0-1Phil Nevin grounded out to second (Grounder).0.380.1145.1 %-.010-0.1100
B LawrenceM Kata10___0-1Matt Kata flied out to second (Fly).0.920.5442.7 %-.024-0.2501
B LawrenceA Cintron11___0-1Alex Cintron grounded out to first (Grounder).0.660.2941.0 %-.017-0.1701
B LawrenceL Gonzalez12___0-1Luis Gonzalez singled to right (Grounder).0.420.1142.3 %.0130.1301
B LawrenceR Sexson121__0-1Richie Sexson struck out swinging.0.820.2539.9 %-.024-0.2501
E DessensR Klesko20___0-1Ryan Klesko doubled to right (Liner).0.830.5434.4 %.0550.6300
E DessensT Long20_2_0-1Terrence Long grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). Ryan Klesko advanced to 3B.1.101.1735.7 %-.013-0.2000
E DessensR Hernandez21__30-2Ramon Hernandez hit a sacrifice fly to center (Fly). Ryan Klesko scored.1.250.9733.8 %.0190.1410
E DessensK Greene22___0-2Khalil Greene doubled to left (Grounder).0.340.1132.0 %.0180.2300
E DessensB Lawrence22_2_0-2Brian Lawrence grounded out to second (Grounder).0.930.3434.7 %-.027-0.3400
B LawrenceS Finley20___0-2Steve Finley flied out to right (Fly).0.970.5432.2 %-.025-0.2501
B LawrenceD Bautista21___0-2Danny Bautista grounded out to pitcher (Grounder).0.680.2930.4 %-.018-0.1701
B LawrenceC Tracy22___0-2Chad Tracy flied out to center (Fly).0.430.1129.3 %-.011-0.1101
E DessensR Vazquez30___0-2Ramon Vazquez struck out swinging.0.710.5431.2 %-.019-0.2500
E DessensM Loretta31___0-2Mark Loretta singled to left (Liner).0.530.2929.2 %.0200.2700
E DessensB Giles311__0-2Brian Giles reached on fielder's choice to first (Grounder). Mark Loretta out at second.0.940.5631.5 %-.023-0.3100
E DessensB Giles321__0-2Brian Giles advanced on a stolen base to 2B.0.670.2530.7 %.0080.0900
E DessensP Nevin32_2_0-2Phil Nevin flied out to first (Fly).0.950.3433.4 %-.028-0.3400
B LawrenceB Mayne30___0-2Brent Mayne reached on error to shortstop (Grounder). Error by Khalil Greene.1.050.5437.7 %.0430.4001
B LawrenceE Dessens301__0-2Elmer Dessens sacrificed to pitcher (Bunt Grounder). Brent Mayne advanced to 2B.1.730.9335.3 %-.024-0.2201
B LawrenceM Kata31_2_0-2Matt Kata singled to left (Liner). Brent Mayne advanced to 3B.1.420.7140.9 %.0550.5101
B LawrenceA Cintron311_30-2Alex Cintron struck out swinging.2.081.2333.3 %-.076-0.7001
B LawrenceL Gonzalez321_32-2Luis Gonzalez doubled to right (Liner). Brent Mayne scored. Matt Kata scored. Luis Gonzalez advanced to 3B.2.030.5254.2 %.2091.8611
B LawrenceR Sexson32__34-2Richie Sexson homered (Fly). Luis Gonzalez scored.1.510.3873.3 %.1901.7311
B LawrenceS Finley32___4-2Steve Finley singled to right (Liner).0.320.1174.1 %.0090.1301
B LawrenceS Finley321__4-2Steve Finley advanced on a stolen base to 2B.0.600.2574.9 %.0080.0901
B LawrenceD Bautista32_2_4-2Danny Bautista struck out looking.0.860.3472.4 %-.025-0.3401
E DessensR Klesko40___4-2Ryan Klesko grounded out to third (Grounder).1.050.5475.1 %-.027-0.2500
E DessensT Long41___4-2Terrence Long flied out to center (Fly).0.730.2977.0 %-.019-0.1700
E DessensR Hernandez42___4-2Ramon Hernandez struck out looking.0.460.1178.2 %-.012-0.1100
B LawrenceC Tracy40___4-2Chad Tracy singled to second (Grounder).0.620.5480.6 %.0240.4001
B LawrenceB Mayne401__4-2Brent Mayne grounded into a double play to second (Grounder). Chad Tracy out at second.0.960.9375.4 %-.052-0.8201
B LawrenceE Dessens42___4-2Elmer Dessens doubled to center (Fly).0.320.1177.1 %.0160.2301
B LawrenceM Kata42_2_4-2Matt Kata walked.0.860.3477.6 %.0060.1201
B LawrenceA Cintron4212_4-2Alex Cintron fouled out to third (Fly).1.170.4674.6 %-.031-0.4601
E DessensK Greene50___4-2Khalil Greene grounded out to pitcher (Grounder).1.140.5477.5 %-.030-0.2500
E DessensS Burroughs51___4-2Sean Burroughs struck out swinging.0.800.2979.6 %-.020-0.1700
E DessensR Vazquez52___4-2Ramon Vazquez grounded out to second (Grounder).0.480.1180.8 %-.013-0.1100
J SzuminskiL Gonzalez50___4-2Luis Gonzalez flied out to left (Fly).0.600.5479.3 %-.015-0.2501
J SzuminskiR Sexson51___5-2Richie Sexson homered (Liner).0.450.2987.0 %.0771.0011
J SzuminskiS Finley51___5-2Steve Finley walked.0.300.2988.1 %.0110.2701
J SzuminskiD Bautista511__5-2Danny Bautista singled to right (Liner). Steve Finley advanced to 3B.0.510.5690.9 %.0280.6701
J SzuminskiC Tracy511_36-2Chad Tracy singled to left (Liner). Steve Finley scored. Danny Bautista advanced to 2B.0.791.2393.7 %.0280.7311
J SzuminskiB Mayne5112_6-2Brent Mayne walked. Danny Bautista advanced to 3B. Chad Tracy advanced to 2B.0.490.9595.2 %.0140.6701
J WitasickE Dessens511236-2Elmer Dessens struck out swinging.0.611.6293.3 %-.019-0.8201
J WitasickM Kata521238-2Matt Kata singled to right (Fly). Danny Bautista scored. Chad Tracy scored. Brent Mayne advanced to 3B.0.730.8097.6 %.0431.7211
J WitasickA Cintron521_38-2Alex Cintron flied out to center (Liner).0.170.5297.1 %-.005-0.5201
E DessensM Loretta60___8-2Mark Loretta singled to left (Liner).0.290.5495.8 %.0130.4000
E DessensB Giles601__8-2Brian Giles struck out looking.0.520.9397.1 %-.012-0.3800
E DessensP Nevin611__8-2Phil Nevin singled to left (Liner). Mark Loretta advanced to 2B.0.350.5695.8 %.0130.4000
R ChoateR Klesko6112_8-3Ryan Klesko singled to right (Liner). Mark Loretta scored. Phil Nevin advanced to 3B.0.690.9591.9 %.0391.2710
R ChoateJ Payton611_38-4Jay Payton doubled to center (Fly). Phil Nevin scored. Ryan Klesko advanced to 3B.1.031.2385.0 %.0691.2210
O VillarrealR Hernandez61_238-6Ramon Hernandez singled to right (Liner). Ryan Klesko scored. Jay Payton scored.1.441.4577.0 %.0801.1110
O VillarrealK Greene611__8-7Khalil Greene doubled to right (Fly). Ramon Hernandez scored.1.650.5662.7 %.1421.1510
O VillarrealK Robinson61_2_8-7Kerry Robinson struck out swinging.1.980.7168.4 %-.057-0.3700
O VillarrealR Vazquez62_2_8-7Ramon Vazquez struck out looking.1.840.3473.7 %-.053-0.3400
E OropesaL Gonzalez60___8-7Luis Gonzalez walked.0.860.5476.9 %.0320.4001
E OropesaL Gonzalez601__8-7Luis Gonzalez advanced on a stolen base to 2B.1.300.9379.6 %.0260.2401
E OropesaL Gonzalez60_2_8-7Luis Gonzalez advanced on a wild pitch to 3B.1.051.1782.9 %.0330.2901
E OropesaR Sexson60__38-7Richie Sexson walked.0.861.4785.0 %.0210.4201
E OropesaS Finley601_38-7Steve Finley walked. Richie Sexson advanced to 2B.1.121.8987.3 %.0230.5001
A OsunaD Bautista6012310-7Danny Bautista doubled to right (Liner). Luis Gonzalez scored. Richie Sexson scored. Steve Finley advanced to 3B.1.442.3995.4 %.0811.6511
A OsunaC Tracy60_2310-7Chad Tracy fouled out to shortstop (Fly).0.392.0493.8 %-.016-0.5901
A OsunaB Mayne61_2310-7Brent Mayne walked.0.531.4593.9 %.0010.1701
A OsunaC Baerga6112310-7Carlos Baerga lined out to second (Liner).0.811.6291.4 %-.025-0.8201
A OsunaM Kata6212312-7Matt Kata singled to right (Liner). Steve Finley scored. Danny Bautista scored. Brent Mayne advanced to 3B.0.980.8097.2 %.0581.7211
A OsunaA Cintron621_312-7Alex Cintron flied out to left (Fly).0.210.5296.6 %-.006-0.5201
S RandolphM Loretta70___12-7Mark Loretta struck out swinging.0.380.5497.6 %-.010-0.2500
S RandolphB Giles71___12-7Brian Giles walked.0.230.2996.5 %.0110.2700
S RandolphP Nevin711__12-7Phil Nevin singled to center (Liner). Brian Giles advanced to 2B.0.470.5694.7 %.0180.4000
S RandolphR Klesko7112_12-7Ryan Klesko grounded into a double play to shortstop (Grounder). Phil Nevin out at second.0.950.9598.5 %-.038-0.9500
A OsunaL Gonzalez70___12-7Luis Gonzalez doubled to left (Fly).0.060.5498.9 %.0040.6301
A OsunaR Sexson70_2_12-7Richie Sexson flied out to right (Fly). Luis Gonzalez advanced to 3B.0.071.1798.9 %.000-0.2001
A OsunaS Finley71__312-7Steve Finley struck out swinging.0.100.9798.4 %-.005-0.5901
A OsunaD Bautista72__312-7Danny Bautista grounded out to second (Grounder).0.100.3898.1 %-.003-0.3801
S RandolphJ Payton80___12-7Jay Payton flied out to left (Fly).0.300.5498.9 %-.008-0.2500
S RandolphR Hernandez81___12-7Ramon Hernandez walked.0.160.2998.1 %.0080.2700
S RandolphK Greene811__12-7Khalil Greene reached on fielder's choice to third (Grounder). Ramon Hernandez out at second.0.350.5699.0 %-.009-0.3100
S RandolphB Buchanan821__12-7Brian Buchanan flied out to center (Fly).0.150.2599.5 %-.005-0.2500
S LinebrinkC Tracy80___12-7Chad Tracy flied out to left (Fly).0.030.5499.4 %-.001-0.2501
S LinebrinkB Mayne81___12-7Brent Mayne grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.020.2999.3 %.000-0.1701
S LinebrinkG Colbrunn82___12-7Greg Colbrunn flied out to center (Liner).0.010.1199.3 %.000-0.1101
J ValverdeR Vazquez90___12-7Ramon Vazquez singled to right (Liner).0.170.5498.5 %.0080.4000
J ValverdeM Loretta901__12-7Mark Loretta flied out to shortstop (Fly).0.380.9399.3 %-.008-0.3800
J ValverdeB Giles911__12-7Brian Giles grounded into a double play to second (Grounder). Ramon Vazquez out at second.0.170.56100.0 %-.007-0.5600