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B MoehlerJ Carroll10___0-0Jamey Carroll grounded out to first (Grounder).0.870.4752.2 %-.022-0.2200
B MoehlerR Church11___0-0Ryan Church struck out swinging.0.620.2553.7 %-.015-0.1500
B MoehlerJ Guillen12___0-0Jose Guillen flied out to first (Fly).0.400.1054.7 %-.010-0.1000
L HernandezJ Pierre10___0-0Juan Pierre flied out to center (Liner).0.870.4752.5 %-.022-0.2201
L HernandezD Easley11___0-0Damion Easley doubled to center (Fly).0.620.2556.6 %.0410.4001
L HernandezJ Conine11_2_0-0Jeff Conine walked.1.230.6558.5 %.0190.2201
L HernandezM Cabrera1112_0-0Miguel Cabrera singled to left (Grounder). Damion Easley advanced to 3B. Jeff Conine advanced to 2B.1.940.8864.5 %.0600.6601
L HernandezJ Encarnacion111231-0Juan Encarnacion hit a sacrifice fly to center (Fly). Damion Easley scored.2.561.5364.5 %.001-0.1111
L HernandezM Lowell1212_1-0Mike Lowell flied out to center (Liner).1.420.4260.9 %-.036-0.4201
B MoehlerN Johnson20___1-0Nick Johnson flied out to left (Fly).0.970.4763.3 %-.024-0.2200
B MoehlerP Wilson21___1-0Preston Wilson hit a ground rule double (Liner).0.680.2558.9 %.0440.4000
B MoehlerC Baerga21_2_1-0Carlos Baerga flied out to center (Liner). Preston Wilson advanced to 3B.1.360.6562.2 %-.033-0.3000
B MoehlerG Bennett22__31-0Gary Bennett walked.1.410.3560.8 %.0140.1300
B MoehlerC Guzman221_31-0Cristian Guzman walked. Gary Bennett advanced to 2B.1.930.4858.0 %.0280.2600
B MoehlerL Hernandez221231-0Livan Hernandez grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).3.230.7466.1 %-.081-0.7400
L HernandezA Gonzalez20___1-0Alex Gonzalez doubled to right (Fly).0.760.4771.5 %.0550.6101
L HernandezM Treanor20_2_1-0Matt Treanor grounded out to second (Grounder). Alex Gonzalez advanced to 3B.1.071.0870.5 %-.010-0.1601
L HernandezA Gonzalez21__31-0Alex Gonzalez was caught stealing.1.290.9262.8 %-.078-0.8201
L HernandezB Moehler22___1-0Brian Moehler flied out to shortstop (Fly).0.370.1061.9 %-.009-0.1001
B MoehlerJ Carroll30___1-0Jamey Carroll grounded out to pitcher (Bunt Grounder).1.030.4764.5 %-.026-0.2200
B MoehlerR Church31___1-0Ryan Church singled to center (Grounder).0.730.2561.5 %.0290.2500
B MoehlerJ Guillen311__1-0Jose Guillen flied out to second (Fly).1.400.5064.8 %-.033-0.2800
B MoehlerN Johnson321__1-1Nick Johnson doubled to right (Liner). Ryan Church scored.0.930.2251.7 %.1311.0910
B MoehlerP Wilson32_2_1-1Preston Wilson walked.1.320.3150.6 %.0110.1100
B MoehlerC Baerga3212_1-1Carlos Baerga grounded out to second (Grounder).1.890.4255.4 %-.048-0.4200
L HernandezJ Pierre30___1-1Juan Pierre grounded out to pitcher (Grounder).0.990.4752.9 %-.025-0.2201
L HernandezD Easley31___1-1Damion Easley grounded out to third (Grounder).0.710.2551.2 %-.017-0.1501
L HernandezJ Conine32___1-1Jeff Conine struck out swinging.0.470.1050.0 %-.012-0.1001
B MoehlerG Bennett40___1-1Gary Bennett singled to right (Liner).1.080.4745.6 %.0440.3700
B MoehlerC Guzman401__1-1Cristian Guzman singled to right (Grounder). Gary Bennett advanced to 2B.1.790.8438.9 %.0670.6000
B MoehlerL Hernandez4012_1-1Livan Hernandez reached on fielder's choice to first (Bunt Grounder). Gary Bennett out at third. Cristian Guzman advanced to 2B.2.301.4445.3 %-.064-0.5600
B MoehlerJ Carroll4112_1-1Jamey Carroll flied out to right (Fly).2.400.8850.7 %-.054-0.4600
B MoehlerR Church4212_1-1Ryan Church struck out looking.2.050.4255.9 %-.052-0.4200
L HernandezM Cabrera40___1-1Miguel Cabrera singled to center (Liner).1.070.4760.1 %.0430.3701
L HernandezJ Encarnacion401__1-1Juan Encarnacion flied out to center (Fly).1.760.8456.1 %-.040-0.3501
L HernandezM Lowell411__1-1Mike Lowell singled to center (Liner). Miguel Cabrera advanced to 2B.1.430.5060.4 %.0430.3801
L HernandezA Gonzalez4112_1-1Alex Gonzalez struck out swinging.2.350.8855.2 %-.053-0.4601
L HernandezM Treanor4212_1-1Matt Treanor out on a dropped third strike.2.040.4250.0 %-.052-0.4201
B MoehlerJ Guillen50___1-1Jose Guillen doubled to left (Liner).1.190.4741.6 %.0840.6100
B MoehlerN Johnson50_2_1-1Nick Johnson grounded out to second (Grounder). Jose Guillen advanced to 3B.1.651.0843.1 %-.015-0.1600
B MoehlerP Wilson51__31-1Preston Wilson struck out swinging.2.000.9251.3 %-.083-0.5700
B MoehlerC Baerga52__31-2Carlos Baerga singled to right (Grounder). Jose Guillen scored.1.900.3538.0 %.1330.8710
B MoehlerG Bennett521__1-2Gary Bennett doubled to right (Liner). Carlos Baerga advanced to 3B.0.860.2234.3 %.0370.3600
B MoehlerC Guzman52_231-2Cristian Guzman was intentionally walked.2.110.5733.1 %.0130.1700
B MoehlerL Hernandez521231-3Livan Hernandez singled to right (Grounder). Carlos Baerga scored. Gary Bennett advanced to 3B. Cristian Guzman advanced to 2B.2.980.7422.1 %.1091.0010
J RiedlingJ Carroll521231-3Jamey Carroll grounded out to second (Grounder).2.110.7427.4 %-.052-0.7400
L HernandezD Willis50___1-3Dontrelle Willis grounded out to second (Grounder).1.240.4724.3 %-.031-0.2201
L HernandezJ Pierre51___1-3Juan Pierre singled to center (Fly).0.860.2527.9 %.0360.2501
L HernandezD Easley511__1-3Damion Easley flied out to second (Fly).1.650.5023.9 %-.039-0.2801
L HernandezJ Conine521__1-3Jeff Conine singled to right (Liner). Juan Pierre advanced to 2B.1.090.2226.8 %.0280.2001
L HernandezM Cabrera5212_1-3Miguel Cabrera flied out to center (Fly).2.320.4220.9 %-.059-0.4201
J VargasR Church60___1-3Ryan Church was hit by a pitch.0.630.4718.4 %.0250.3700
J VargasJ Guillen601__1-3Jose Guillen grounded into a double play to shortstop (Grounder). Ryan Church out at second.1.010.8423.6 %-.052-0.7400
J VargasN Johnson62___1-3Nick Johnson struck out looking.0.310.1024.4 %-.008-0.1000
L HernandezJ Encarnacion60___1-3Juan Encarnacion flied out to shortstop (Fly).1.360.4721.0 %-.034-0.2201
L HernandezM Lowell61___1-3Mike Lowell doubled to right (Liner).0.930.2527.1 %.0610.4001
L HernandezA Gonzalez61_2_1-3Alex Gonzalez lined out to first (Liner).1.910.6521.9 %-.053-0.3401
L HernandezP Lo Duca62_2_2-3Paul Lo Duca singled to second (Fly). Mike Lowell scored.1.620.3133.9 %.1200.9111
L HernandezL Harris621__2-3Lenny Harris grounded out to second (Grounder).1.490.2229.7 %-.041-0.2201
A AlfonsecaP Wilson70___2-3Preston Wilson struck out swinging.0.950.4732.1 %-.024-0.2200
A AlfonsecaC Baerga71___2-3Carlos Baerga grounded out to second (Grounder).0.690.2533.8 %-.017-0.1500
A AlfonsecaG Bennett72___2-3Gary Bennett grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.480.1035.0 %-.012-0.1000
L HernandezJ Pierre70___2-3Juan Pierre grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).1.910.4730.2 %-.048-0.2201
L HernandezD Easley71___2-3Damion Easley flied out to left (Fly).1.390.2526.8 %-.034-0.1501
L HernandezJ Conine72___2-3Jeff Conine singled to right (Liner).0.930.1029.5 %.0270.1201
L HernandezM Cabrera721__2-3Miguel Cabrera struck out swinging.1.830.2224.4 %-.051-0.2201
J MecirC Guzman80___2-3Cristian Guzman singled to center (Liner).0.860.4721.2 %.0330.3700
J MecirL Hernandez801__2-3Livan Hernandez sacrificed to pitcher (Bunt Grounder). Cristian Guzman advanced to 2B.1.360.8422.3 %-.012-0.1900
J MecirJ Carroll81_2_2-3Jamey Carroll grounded out to second (Grounder). Cristian Guzman advanced to 3B.1.220.6525.2 %-.029-0.3000
J MecirR Church82__32-3Ryan Church struck out swinging.1.520.3529.3 %-.041-0.3500
L HernandezJ Encarnacion80___2-3Juan Encarnacion struck out swinging.2.460.4723.1 %-.062-0.2201
L HernandezM Lowell81___2-3Mike Lowell singled to right (Liner).1.820.2530.0 %.0690.2501
L HernandezA Gonzalez811__2-3Alex Gonzalez flied out to right (Fly).3.330.5022.3 %-.078-0.2801
L HernandezP Lo Duca821__2-3Paul Lo Duca flied out to right (Fly).2.400.2215.6 %-.067-0.2201
G MotaJ Guillen90___2-3Jose Guillen flied out to right (Fly).0.620.4717.1 %-.015-0.2200
G MotaN Johnson91___2-4Nick Johnson homered (Fly).0.470.257.6 %.0951.0010
G MotaP Wilson91___2-4Preston Wilson grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). %-.005-0.1500
G MotaV Castilla92___2-4Vinny Castilla struck out looking. %-.004-0.1000
C CorderoL Castillo90___2-4Luis Castillo grounded out to pitcher (Grounder).1.750.474.1 %-.044-0.2201
C CorderoJ Pierre91___2-4Juan Pierre grounded out to pitcher (Grounder). %-.027-0.1501
C CorderoD Easley92___2-4Damion Easley grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.530.100.0 %-.014-0.1001