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P MartinezJ Rollins10___0-0Jimmy Rollins doubled to right (Liner).0.870.4844.0 %.0600.6200
P MartinezK Lofton10_2_0-0Kenny Lofton fouled out to catcher (Fly).1.241.1048.2 %-.042-0.4400
P MartinezC Utley11_2_0-0Chase Utley flied out to center (Fly).1.220.6751.5 %-.034-0.3500
P MartinezB Abreu12_2_0-0Bobby Abreu walked.1.130.3250.5 %.0100.1100
P MartinezP Burrell1212_0-0Pat Burrell flied out to left (Fly).1.630.4354.7 %-.042-0.4300
B MyersJ Reyes10___0-0Jose Reyes grounded out to third (Grounder).0.870.4852.5 %-.022-0.2301
B MyersM Cairo11___0-0Miguel Cairo struck out swinging.0.620.2651.0 %-.015-0.1601
B MyersC Beltran12___0-0Carlos Beltran singled to center (Grounder).0.400.1052.2 %.0120.1201
B MyersC Beltran121__0-0Carlos Beltran advanced on a stolen base to 2B.0.790.2253.2 %.0100.0901
B MyersC Floyd12_2_1-0Cliff Floyd singled to center (Grounder). Carlos Beltran scored.1.150.3262.7 %.0950.9111
B MyersD Wright121__1-0David Wright walked. Cliff Floyd advanced to 2B.0.700.2264.4 %.0170.2001
B MyersM Jacobs1212_1-0Mike Jacobs reached on fielder's choice to shortstop (Grounder). David Wright out at second.1.420.4360.8 %-.036-0.4301
P MartinezR Howard20___1-0Ryan Howard struck out swinging.0.970.4863.2 %-.024-0.2300
P MartinezD Bell21___1-0David Bell flied out to center (Fly).0.680.2664.8 %-.017-0.1600
P MartinezM Lieberthal22___1-0Mike Lieberthal singled to center (Fly).0.420.1063.5 %.0130.1200
P MartinezB Myers221__1-0Brett Myers struck out looking.0.860.2265.9 %-.024-0.2200
B MyersV Diaz20___1-0Victor Diaz grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.760.4864.0 %-.019-0.2301
B MyersR Castro21___2-0Ramon Castro homered (Fly).0.560.2673.8 %.0981.0011
B MyersP Martinez21___2-0Pedro Martinez struck out looking.0.440.2672.7 %-.011-0.1601
B MyersJ Reyes22___2-0Jose Reyes grounded out to second (Grounder).0.290.1072.0 %-.007-0.1001
P MartinezJ Rollins30___2-0Jimmy Rollins flied out to left (Fly).0.970.4874.4 %-.024-0.2300
P MartinezK Lofton31___2-0Kenny Lofton flied out to center (Fly).0.660.2676.1 %-.016-0.1600
P MartinezC Utley32___2-0Chase Utley flied out to left (Fly).0.410.1077.1 %-.010-0.1000
B MyersM Cairo30___2-0Miguel Cairo was hit by a pitch.0.600.4879.5 %.0240.3801
B MyersC Beltran301__2-0Carlos Beltran reached on fielder's choice to second (Grounder). Miguel Cairo out at second.0.960.8677.2 %-.022-0.3501
B MyersC Floyd311__2-0Cliff Floyd flied out to right (Fly).0.810.5175.3 %-.019-0.2901
B MyersD Wright321__2-0David Wright struck out looking.0.570.2273.7 %-.016-0.2201
P MartinezB Abreu40___2-0Bobby Abreu struck out swinging.1.040.4876.4 %-.026-0.2300
P MartinezP Burrell41___2-0Pat Burrell flied out to right (Fly).0.710.2678.1 %-.018-0.1600
P MartinezR Howard42___2-1Ryan Howard homered (Fly).0.440.1067.7 %.1051.0010
P MartinezD Bell42___2-1David Bell flied out to left (Fly).0.510.1069.0 %-.013-0.1000
B MyersM Jacobs40___2-1Mike Jacobs struck out swinging.0.820.4866.9 %-.021-0.2301
B MyersV Diaz41___2-1Victor Diaz grounded out to third (Grounder).0.600.2665.4 %-.015-0.1601
B MyersR Castro42___2-1Ramon Castro flied out to shortstop (Fly).0.400.1064.4 %-.010-0.1001
P MartinezM Lieberthal50___2-1Mike Lieberthal walked.1.270.4859.1 %.0530.3800
P MartinezB Myers501__2-1Brett Myers sacrificed to first (Bunt Grounder). Mike Lieberthal advanced to 2B.2.130.8661.7 %-.026-0.2000
P MartinezJ Rollins51_2_2-1Jimmy Rollins grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). Mike Lieberthal advanced to 3B.1.790.6766.1 %-.044-0.3100
P MartinezK Lofton52__32-1Kenny Lofton flied out to right (Liner).1.900.3571.3 %-.052-0.3500
B MyersP Martinez50___2-1Pedro Martinez struck out looking.0.830.4869.2 %-.021-0.2301
B MyersJ Reyes51___2-1Jose Reyes singled to left (Liner).0.620.2671.5 %.0230.2501
B MyersJ Reyes511__2-1Jose Reyes advanced on a stolen base to 2B.1.110.5173.2 %.0170.1601
B MyersM Cairo51_2_2-1Miguel Cairo struck out swinging.1.180.6769.9 %-.033-0.3501
B MyersC Beltran52_2_2-1Carlos Beltran grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).1.180.3266.6 %-.033-0.3201
P MartinezC Utley60___2-2Chase Utley homered (Fly).1.450.4850.0 %.1661.0010
P MartinezB Abreu60___2-2Bobby Abreu walked.1.340.4844.7 %.0530.3800
P MartinezB Abreu601__2-2Bobby Abreu advanced on a stolen base to 2B.2.160.8640.6 %.0410.2400
P MartinezP Burrell60_2_2-2Pat Burrell struck out looking.1.801.1047.0 %-.064-0.4400
P MartinezR Howard61_2_2-2Ryan Howard struck out swinging.1.890.6752.2 %-.052-0.3500
P MartinezD Bell62_2_2-2David Bell flied out to shortstop (Fly).1.850.3257.4 %-.052-0.3200
B MyersC Floyd60___2-2Cliff Floyd flied out to center (Fly).1.320.4854.1 %-.033-0.2301
B MyersD Wright61___2-2David Wright flied out to right (Liner).0.970.2651.7 %-.024-0.1601
B MyersM Jacobs62___2-2Mike Jacobs doubled to left (Liner).0.670.1055.3 %.0360.2201
B MyersV Diaz62_2_2-2Victor Diaz flied out to center (Fly).1.890.3250.0 %-.053-0.3201
P MartinezM Lieberthal70___2-3Mike Lieberthal homered (Fly).1.540.4830.0 %.2001.0010
P MartinezB Myers70___2-3Brett Myers struck out swinging.0.960.4832.4 %-.024-0.2300
P MartinezJ Rollins71___2-3Jimmy Rollins singled to center (Liner).0.700.2629.8 %.0260.2500
P MartinezK Lofton711__2-3Kenny Lofton sacrificed to third (Bunt Grounder). Jimmy Rollins advanced to 2B.1.270.5131.6 %-.017-0.1900
P MartinezC Utley72_2_2-5Chase Utley homered (Fly). Jimmy Rollins scored.1.370.3211.4 %.2011.7910
P MartinezB Abreu72___2-5Bobby Abreu doubled to left (Liner).0.170.1010.5 %.0100.2200
P MartinezP Burrell72_2_2-5Pat Burrell flied out to shortstop (Fly).0.500.3211.9 %-.014-0.3200
B MyersR Castro70___2-5Ramon Castro singled to center (Liner).1.040.4816.7 %.0480.3801
B MyersM Anderson701__2-5Marlon Anderson grounded into a double play to second (Grounder). Ramon Castro out at second.1.940.867.6 %-.091-0.7601
B MyersJ Reyes72___2-5Jose Reyes struck out swinging.0.370.106.6 %-.009-0.1001
H BellR Howard80___2-5Ryan Howard grounded out to second (Grounder).0.250.487.3 %-.006-0.2300
H BellD Bell81___2-5David Bell lined out to pitcher (Liner). %-.005-0.1600
H BellM Lieberthal82___2-5Mike Lieberthal struck out swinging. %-.003-0.1000
U UrbinaM Cairo80___2-5Miguel Cairo grounded out to second (Grounder).1.020.485.5 %-.026-0.2301
U UrbinaC Beltran81___2-5Carlos Beltran struck out swinging.0.630.263.9 %-.016-0.1601
U UrbinaC Floyd82___2-5Cliff Floyd struck out swinging.0.300.103.2 %-.008-0.1001
H BellT Perez90___2-5Tomas Perez walked.0.120.482.7 %.0050.3800
H BellJ Rollins901__2-5Jimmy Rollins flied out to left (Fly).0.200.863.1 %-.005-0.3500
H BellK Lofton911__2-5Kenny Lofton singled to center (Grounder). Tomas Perez advanced to 2B.0.170.512.7 %.0050.3800
H BellC Utley9112_2-5Chase Utley lined out to second (Liner).0.260.893.3 %-.006-0.4700
H BellB Abreu9212_2-7Bobby Abreu doubled to center (Fly). Tomas Perez scored. Kenny Lofton scored.0.240.430.6 %.0271.8910
H BellP Burrell92_2_2-8Pat Burrell singled to right (Liner). Bobby Abreu scored.0.040.320.3 %.0040.9110
H BellR Howard921__2-8Ryan Howard flied out to center (Liner). %.000-0.2200
B WagnerD Wright90___2-8David Wright was hit by a pitch.0.080.480.6 %.0040.3801
B WagnerJ Offerman901__2-8Jose Offerman struck out swinging.0.180.860.3 %-.004-0.3501
B WagnerD Wright911__2-8David Wright advanced on defensive indifference to 2B.0.080.510.3 %.0000.1601
B WagnerV Diaz91_2_2-8Victor Diaz walked.0.090.670.6 %.0030.2301
B WagnerR Castro9112_2-8Ramon Castro lined out to third (Liner). David Wright advanced to 3B. Error by David Bell.0.210.890.1 %-.005-0.4101
B WagnerC Woodward921_32-8Chris Woodward flied out to right (Liner).0.050.490.0 %-.001-0.4901