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J SowersB Roberts10___0-0Brian Roberts flied out to center (Fly).0.870.5652.3 %-.023-0.2600
J SowersM Mora11___0-0Melvin Mora reached on error to third (Grounder). Error by Jhonny Peralta.0.630.3049.9 %.0240.2800
J SowersN Markakis111__0-0Nick Markakis flied out to center (Fliner (Liner)).1.140.5852.7 %-.029-0.3300
J SowersM Tejada121__0-0Miguel Tejada singled to right (Grounder). Melvin Mora advanced to 2B.0.790.2650.8 %.0190.2200
J SowersR Hernandez1212_0-1Ramon Hernandez singled to center (Fly). Melvin Mora scored. Miguel Tejada advanced to 3B.1.570.4741.1 %.0981.0710
J SowersJ Payton121_30-1Jay Payton flied out to third (Fly).1.560.5445.6 %-.045-0.5400
E BedardG Sizemore10___0-1Grady Sizemore walked.0.920.5649.2 %.0370.4001
E BedardC Blake101__0-1Casey Blake struck out looking.1.460.9745.7 %-.035-0.3901
E BedardT Hafner111__0-1Travis Hafner walked. Grady Sizemore advanced to 2B.1.210.5849.3 %.0360.4001
E BedardV Martinez1112_1-1Victor Martinez singled to left (Liner). Grady Sizemore scored. Travis Hafner advanced to 2B.1.970.9858.5 %.0921.0011
E BedardR Garko1112_1-1Ryan Garko struck out swinging.1.830.9854.2 %-.043-0.5101
E BedardT Nixon1212_1-1Trot Nixon grounded out to first (Grounder).1.570.4750.0 %-.042-0.4701
J SowersK Millar20___1-1Kevin Millar struck out swinging.0.930.5652.4 %-.024-0.2600
J SowersC Patterson21___1-1Corey Patterson flied out to center (Fly).0.670.3054.2 %-.018-0.1800
J SowersC Gomez22___1-1Chris Gomez grounded out to third (Grounder).0.430.1255.4 %-.012-0.1200
E BedardJ Peralta20___1-1Jhonny Peralta struck out swinging.0.920.5652.9 %-.024-0.2601
E BedardJ Michaels21___1-1Jason Michaels fouled out to first (Fly).0.680.3051.2 %-.018-0.1801
E BedardJ Barfield22___1-1Josh Barfield struck out swinging.0.440.1250.0 %-.012-0.1201
J SowersB Roberts30___1-1Brian Roberts singled to left (Grounder).0.990.5646.1 %.0390.4000
J SowersB Roberts301__1-1Brian Roberts advanced on a stolen base to 2B.1.560.9743.5 %.0250.2400
J SowersM Mora30_2_1-1Melvin Mora walked.1.301.2040.2 %.0330.3800
J SowersN Markakis3012_1-1Nick Markakis reached on fielder's choice to shortstop (Grounder). Brian Roberts advanced to 3B. Melvin Mora out at second.1.961.5943.1 %-.029-0.3400
J SowersM Tejada311_31-2Miguel Tejada singled to right (Fly). Brian Roberts scored. Nick Markakis advanced to 3B.1.911.2533.3 %.0981.0010
J SowersR Hernandez311_31-3Ramon Hernandez hit a sacrifice fly to center (Fliner (Fly)). Nick Markakis scored. Miguel Tejada out at second.1.701.2534.2 %-.009-0.2510
E BedardG Sizemore30___1-3Grady Sizemore was hit by a pitch.1.050.5638.4 %.0420.4001
E BedardC Blake301__1-3Casey Blake struck out looking.1.700.9734.4 %-.041-0.3901
E BedardT Hafner311__1-3Travis Hafner struck out looking.1.380.5830.9 %-.034-0.3301
E BedardG Sizemore321__1-3Grady Sizemore advanced on a passed ball to 2B. Passed ball by Ramon Hernandez.0.920.2631.9 %.0100.0901
E BedardV Martinez32_2_1-3Victor Martinez grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).1.250.3528.2 %-.037-0.3501
J SowersJ Payton40___1-3Jay Payton lined out to third (Liner).0.730.5630.2 %-.020-0.2600
J SowersK Millar41___1-3Kevin Millar flied out to center (Fly).0.560.3031.6 %-.014-0.1800
J SowersC Patterson42___1-3Corey Patterson flied out to center (Fly).0.370.1232.6 %-.010-0.1200
E BedardR Garko40___1-3Ryan Garko struck out looking.1.140.5629.6 %-.030-0.2601
E BedardT Nixon41___1-3Trot Nixon grounded out to pitcher (Grounder).0.820.3027.5 %-.021-0.1801
E BedardJ Peralta42___1-3Jhonny Peralta struck out swinging.0.510.1226.1 %-.014-0.1201
J SowersC Gomez50___1-3Chris Gomez singled to right (Liner).0.740.5623.3 %.0280.4000
J SowersB Roberts501__1-3Brian Roberts singled to left (Grounder). Chris Gomez advanced to 2B.1.130.9719.2 %.0410.6200
J SowersM Mora5012_1-3Melvin Mora flied out to second (Fly).1.331.5923.3 %-.041-0.6100
J SowersN Markakis5112_1-3Nick Markakis flied out to left (Fliner (Fly)).1.520.9826.9 %-.036-0.5100
J SowersM Tejada5212_1-3Miguel Tejada was hit by a pitch. Chris Gomez advanced to 3B. Brian Roberts advanced to 2B.1.370.4724.6 %.0220.3500
J SowersR Hernandez521231-3Ramon Hernandez flied out to left (Fly).2.250.8230.5 %-.059-0.8200
E BedardJ Michaels50___1-3Jason Michaels flied out to center (Fly).1.260.5627.2 %-.033-0.2601
E BedardJ Barfield51___1-3Josh Barfield singled to left (Liner).0.900.3030.8 %.0360.2801
E BedardG Sizemore511__1-3Grady Sizemore struck out swinging.1.660.5826.6 %-.042-0.3301
E BedardC Blake521__2-3Casey Blake doubled to right (Fly). Josh Barfield scored.1.110.2640.0 %.1341.0911
E BedardT Hafner52_2_2-3Travis Hafner grounded out to second (Grounder).1.700.3535.0 %-.050-0.3501
J SowersJ Payton60___2-3Jay Payton grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).1.020.5637.7 %-.027-0.2600
J SowersK Millar61___2-3Kevin Millar walked.0.770.3034.9 %.0280.2800
J SowersC Patterson611__2-3Corey Patterson flied out to right (Fly).1.340.5838.3 %-.033-0.3300
J SowersC Gomez621__2-3Chris Gomez flied out to left (Fly).0.960.2641.1 %-.028-0.2600
E BedardV Martinez60___2-3Victor Martinez doubled to left (Fly).1.560.5651.3 %.1020.6401
E BedardR Garko60_2_2-3Ryan Garko struck out swinging.2.011.2044.0 %-.072-0.4701
E BedardT Nixon61_2_2-3Trot Nixon struck out looking.2.110.7337.9 %-.061-0.3801
E BedardJ Peralta62_2_4-3Jhonny Peralta homered (Fly). Victor Martinez scored.2.030.3569.3 %.3141.7711
E BedardJ Michaels62___4-3Jason Michaels grounded out to third (Grounder).0.460.1268.1 %-.012-0.1201
F CabreraB Roberts70___4-3Brian Roberts struck out looking.1.720.5672.6 %-.045-0.2600
F CabreraM Mora71___4-3Melvin Mora struck out swinging.1.270.3075.9 %-.033-0.1800
F CabreraN Markakis72___4-3Nick Markakis flied out to left (Fly).0.820.1278.1 %-.022-0.1200
C BradfordJ Barfield70___4-3Josh Barfield singled to second (Fliner (Liner)).0.810.5681.1 %.0300.4001
C BradfordJ Barfield701__4-3Josh Barfield advanced on a stolen base to 2B.1.190.9783.6 %.0250.2401
C BradfordG Sizemore70_2_4-3Grady Sizemore struck out swinging.0.941.2079.8 %-.038-0.4701
C BradfordC Blake71_2_4-3Casey Blake grounded out to third (Grounder). Josh Barfield advanced to 3B.1.090.7377.1 %-.027-0.3401
J WalkerT Hafner72__34-3Travis Hafner struck out swinging.1.370.3973.2 %-.039-0.3901
F CabreraM Tejada80___4-3Miguel Tejada singled to left (Liner).2.170.5664.7 %.0850.4000
F CabreraR Hernandez801__4-3Ramon Hernandez struck out swinging.3.370.9772.8 %-.081-0.3900
F CabreraJ Payton811__4-3Jay Payton singled to left (Grounder). Miguel Tejada advanced to 2B.2.890.5864.5 %.0820.4000
A FultzA Huff8112_4-3Aubrey Huff grounded out to first (Grounder). Miguel Tejada advanced to 3B. Jay Payton advanced to 2B.4.520.9870.9 %-.064-0.3300
A FultzC Patterson82_234-5Corey Patterson doubled to right (Liner). Miguel Tejada scored. Jay Payton scored.4.920.6528.7 %.4221.7010
R HernandezC Gomez82_2_4-5Chris Gomez flied out to second (Fly).1.400.3532.8 %-.041-0.3500
D BaezV Martinez80___4-5Victor Martinez flied out to center (Fliner (Liner)).2.510.5626.1 %-.067-0.2601
D BaezR Garko81___4-5Ryan Garko grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).1.930.3021.1 %-.050-0.1801
D BaezT Nixon82___4-5Trot Nixon grounded out to first (Grounder).1.310.1217.6 %-.035-0.1201
R HernandezB Roberts90___4-5Brian Roberts singled to center (Liner).0.740.5615.0 %.0260.4000
R HernandezM Mora901__4-5Melvin Mora sacrificed to first (Bunt Grounder). Brian Roberts advanced to 2B.1.080.9716.0 %-.011-0.2300
R HernandezN Markakis91_2_4-5Nick Markakis grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). Brian Roberts advanced to 3B.1.000.7318.5 %-.025-0.3400
R HernandezM Tejada92__34-5Miguel Tejada was intentionally walked.1.290.3917.8 %.0070.1500
R HernandezR Hernandez921_34-7Ramon Hernandez doubled to left (Grounder). Brian Roberts scored. Miguel Tejada scored.1.520.544.2 %.1361.8110
R HernandezJ Payton92_2_4-7Jay Payton singled to shortstop (Grounder). Ramon Hernandez advanced to 3B.0.250.353.9 %.0030.1900
R HernandezA Huff921_34-7Aubrey Huff flied out to shortstop (Fly).0.340.544.9 %-.010-0.5400
C RayJ Peralta90___4-7Jhonny Peralta flied out to right (Fliner (Fly)).1.040.562.1 %-.028-0.2601
C RayD Dellucci91___4-7David Dellucci struck out swinging.0.580.300.6 %-.015-0.1801
C RayS Choo92___4-7Shin-Soo Choo lined out to second (Liner). %-.006-0.1201