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R WolfW Taveras10___0-0Willy Taveras struck out looking.0.870.4252.1 %-.021-0.2000
R WolfT Tulowitzki11___0-0Troy Tulowitzki walked.0.600.2249.6 %.0250.2400
R WolfT Helton111__0-0Todd Helton walked. Troy Tulowitzki advanced to 2B.1.180.4545.9 %.0370.3700
R WolfM Holliday1112_0-0Matt Holliday struck out swinging.2.040.8250.3 %-.044-0.4300
R WolfG Atkins1212_0-0Garrett Atkins reached on fielder's choice to shortstop (Grounder). Todd Helton out at second.1.700.3954.4 %-.041-0.3900
U JimenezB Giles10___0-0Brian Giles singled to center (Grounder).0.870.4258.1 %.0370.3601
U JimenezB Giles101__0-0Brian Giles advanced on a wild pitch to 2B.1.530.7860.9 %.0270.2401
U JimenezB Giles10_2_0-0Brian Giles advanced on a wild pitch to 3B.1.321.0264.4 %.0350.3001
U JimenezT Iguchi10__30-0Tadahito Iguchi struck out swinging.1.141.3259.8 %-.046-0.4401
U JimenezA Gonzalez11__30-0Adrian Gonzalez lined out to shortstop (Liner).1.550.8853.6 %-.062-0.5601
U JimenezK Kouzmanoff12__30-0Kevin Kouzmanoff grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).1.400.3250.0 %-.036-0.3201
R WolfB Hawpe20___0-0Brad Hawpe walked.0.930.4246.1 %.0390.3600
R WolfY Torrealba201__0-0Yorvit Torrealba flied out to right (Fly).1.640.7849.6 %-.036-0.3300
R WolfJ Nix211__0-0Jayson Nix struck out looking.1.260.4552.5 %-.028-0.2600
R WolfU Jimenez221__0-0Ubaldo Jimenez grounded out to pitcher (Grounder).0.850.2054.7 %-.023-0.2000
U JimenezJ Edmonds20___0-0Jim Edmonds struck out swinging.0.920.4252.5 %-.022-0.2001
U JimenezK Greene21___0-0Khalil Greene grounded out to second (Grounder).0.640.2251.0 %-.015-0.1301
U JimenezS Hairston22___0-0Scott Hairston grounded out to third (Grounder).0.420.0850.0 %-.010-0.0801
R WolfW Taveras30___0-0Willy Taveras struck out looking.0.990.4252.4 %-.024-0.2000
R WolfT Tulowitzki31___0-0Troy Tulowitzki fouled out to first (Fly).0.690.2254.0 %-.016-0.1300
R WolfT Helton32___0-0Todd Helton struck out looking.0.450.0855.1 %-.011-0.0800
U JimenezJ Bard30___0-0Josh Bard singled to left (Liner).1.000.4259.2 %.0410.3601
U JimenezR Wolf301__0-0Randy Wolf grounded into a double play to second (Grounder). Josh Bard out at second.1.720.7851.1 %-.081-0.7001
U JimenezB Giles32___0-0Brian Giles grounded out to second (Grounder).0.460.0850.0 %-.011-0.0801
R WolfM Holliday40___0-0Matt Holliday struck out swinging.1.080.4252.6 %-.026-0.2000
R WolfG Atkins41___0-0Garrett Atkins flied out to center (Fly).0.750.2254.4 %-.018-0.1300
R WolfB Hawpe42___0-0Brad Hawpe flied out to left (Fliner (Liner)).0.490.0855.5 %-.012-0.0800
U JimenezT Iguchi40___0-0Tadahito Iguchi grounded out to third (Grounder).1.070.4253.0 %-.026-0.2001
U JimenezA Gonzalez41___0-0Adrian Gonzalez struck out swinging.0.750.2251.2 %-.018-0.1301
U JimenezK Kouzmanoff42___0-0Kevin Kouzmanoff singled to right (Liner).0.510.0852.7 %.0150.1101
U JimenezJ Edmonds421__0-0Jim Edmonds flied out to left (Fliner (Fly)).1.010.2050.0 %-.027-0.2001
R WolfY Torrealba50___0-0Yorvit Torrealba walked.1.190.4245.1 %.0490.3600
R WolfY Torrealba501__0-0Yorvit Torrealba was caught stealing.2.050.7852.8 %-.078-0.5700
R WolfJ Nix51___0-0Jayson Nix struck out swinging.0.840.2254.8 %-.020-0.1300
R WolfU Jimenez52___0-0Ubaldo Jimenez struck out looking.0.550.0856.1 %-.013-0.0800
U JimenezK Greene50___0-0Khalil Greene walked.1.170.4260.9 %.0480.3601
U JimenezS Hairston501__0-0Scott Hairston struck out swinging.2.010.7856.6 %-.044-0.3301
U JimenezJ Bard511__0-0Josh Bard walked. Khalil Greene advanced to 2B.1.590.4561.3 %.0470.3701
U JimenezR Wolf5112_0-0Randy Wolf reached on a sacrifice with error to pitcher (Bunt Grounder). Khalil Greene advanced to 3B. Josh Bard advanced to 2B on error. Error by Ubaldo Jimenez.2.640.8269.3 %.0810.6501
U JimenezB Giles511232-0Brian Giles doubled to right (Fliner (Fly)). Khalil Greene scored. Josh Bard scored. Randy Wolf advanced to 3B.3.531.4788.6 %.1931.8511
U JimenezT Iguchi51_232-0Tadahito Iguchi struck out swinging.0.931.3284.1 %-.045-0.7701
U JimenezA Gonzalez52_232-0Adrian Gonzalez was intentionally walked.1.170.5584.7 %.0060.1701
U JimenezK Kouzmanoff521234-0Kevin Kouzmanoff doubled to right (Grounder). Randy Wolf scored. Brian Giles scored. Adrian Gonzalez advanced to 3B.1.620.7294.9 %.1011.8311
U JimenezJ Edmonds52_236-0Jim Edmonds doubled to right (Fliner (Liner)). Adrian Gonzalez scored. Kevin Kouzmanoff scored.0.400.5598.4 %.0351.7411
K WellsK Greene52_2_6-0Khalil Greene walked.0.080.2998.5 %.0000.1001
K WellsS Hairston5212_6-0Scott Hairston walked. Jim Edmonds advanced to 3B. Khalil Greene advanced to 2B.0.100.3998.6 %.0010.3201
K WellsJ Bard521236-0Josh Bard struck out swinging.0.170.7298.2 %-.004-0.7201
R WolfW Taveras60___6-0Willy Taveras flied out to left (Fliner (Fly)).0.200.4298.7 %-.005-0.2000
R WolfT Tulowitzki61___6-0Troy Tulowitzki flied out to right (Fly).0.110.2299.0 %-.003-0.1300
R WolfT Helton62___6-0Todd Helton struck out swinging.0.050.0899.1 %-.001-0.0800
K WellsR Wolf60___6-0Randy Wolf struck out looking.0.040.4299.0 %-.001-0.2001
K WellsB Giles61___6-0Brian Giles struck out swinging.0.030.2298.9 %-.001-0.1301
K WellsT Iguchi62___6-0Tadahito Iguchi grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.020.0898.9 %.000-0.0801
R WolfM Holliday70___6-0Matt Holliday flied out to right (Fly).0.160.4299.3 %-.004-0.2000
R WolfG Atkins71___6-0Garrett Atkins grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.090.2299.5 %-.002-0.1300
R WolfB Hawpe72___6-0Brad Hawpe singled to center (Liner).0.030.0899.3 %.0020.1100
R WolfY Torrealba721__6-0Yorvit Torrealba reached on fielder's choice to third (Grounder). Brad Hawpe out at second.0.090.2099.5 %-.002-0.2000
K WellsA Gonzalez70___6-0Adrian Gonzalez grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.020.4299.5 %.000-0.2001
K WellsK Kouzmanoff71___6-0Kevin Kouzmanoff singled to center (Grounder).0.010.2299.6 %.0000.2401
K WellsJ Edmonds711__6-0Jim Edmonds struck out swinging.0.030.4599.5 %-.001-0.2601
K WellsK Greene721__6-0Khalil Greene flied out to center (Fly).0.020.2099.5 %.000-0.2001
K CameronJ Nix80___6-0Jayson Nix struck out swinging.0.100.4299.7 %-.002-0.2000
K CameronS Podsednik81___6-0Scott Podsednik grounded out to pitcher (Grounder).0.050.2299.8 %-.001-0.1300
K CameronW Taveras82___6-0Willy Taveras grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.020.0899.9 %.000-0.0800
R SpeierS Hairston80___6-0Scott Hairston struck out looking.0.000.4299.8 %.000-0.2001
R SpeierJ Bard81___6-0Josh Bard grounded out to second (Grounder).0.010.2299.8 %.000-0.1301
R SpeierK Cameron82___6-0Kevin Cameron struck out swinging.0.010.0899.8 %.000-0.0801
K CameronT Tulowitzki90___6-0Troy Tulowitzki flied out to right (Fly).0.060.4299.9 %-.001-0.2000
K CameronT Helton91___6-0Todd Helton singled to center (Grounder).0.020.2299.8 %.0010.2400
K CameronM Holliday911__6-0Matt Holliday struck out looking.0.050.45100.0 %-.001-0.2600
K CameronT Helton921__6-0Todd Helton advanced on defensive indifference to 2B.0.010.20100.0 %.0000.0900
K CameronG Atkins92_2_6-0Garrett Atkins struck out swinging.0.010.29100.0 %.000-0.2900