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J ReyesM Brantley10___0-0Michael Brantley singled to left (Liner).0.870.5246.5 %.0350.3900
J ReyesA Cabrera101__0-0Asdrubal Cabrera grounded into a double play to third (Grounder). Michael Brantley out at second.1.430.9153.8 %-.073-0.8000
J ReyesS Choo12___0-0Shin-Soo Choo grounded out to second (Grounder).0.400.1154.8 %-.010-0.1100
R HernandezY Escobar10___0-0Yunel Escobar flied out to center (Fly).0.870.5252.6 %-.022-0.2401
R HernandezC Patterson11___0-0Corey Patterson lined out to second (Liner).0.620.2751.1 %-.016-0.1701
R HernandezJ Bautista12___0-0Jose Bautista singled to center (Liner).0.400.1152.3 %.0120.1301
R HernandezJ Rivera121__0-0Juan Rivera struck out swinging.0.790.2450.0 %-.023-0.2401
J ReyesS Duncan20___0-0Shelley Duncan singled to third (Grounder).0.930.5246.3 %.0370.3900
J ReyesO Cabrera201__0-0Orlando Cabrera singled to center (Grounder). Shelley Duncan advanced to 2B.1.510.9140.6 %.0570.6100
J ReyesC Santana2012_0-0Carlos Santana flied out to center (Fliner (Fly)).1.951.5246.1 %-.055-0.5900
J ReyesM LaPorta2112_0-0Matt LaPorta flied out to right (Fliner (Fly)). Shelley Duncan advanced to 3B.2.030.9350.0 %-.040-0.4200
J ReyesA Kearns221_30-0Austin Kearns struck out swinging.1.850.5155.2 %-.052-0.5100
R HernandezJ Arencibia20___0-0J.P. Arencibia struck out swinging.0.920.5252.8 %-.024-0.2401
R HernandezA Hill21___0-0Aaron Hill grounded out to third (Grounder).0.670.2751.1 %-.017-0.1701
R HernandezE Thames22___0-0Eric Thames grounded out to first (Grounder).0.430.1150.0 %-.011-0.1101
J ReyesJ Hannahan30___0-0Jack Hannahan flied out to left (Fly).0.990.5252.6 %-.026-0.2400
J ReyesM Brantley31___0-0Michael Brantley walked.0.720.2749.8 %.0280.2700
J ReyesA Cabrera311__0-0Asdrubal Cabrera grounded into a double play to pitcher (Grounder). Michael Brantley out at second.1.320.5455.6 %-.058-0.5400
R HernandezR Davis30___0-0Rajai Davis doubled to left (Liner).0.990.5262.3 %.0670.6301
R HernandezJ Nix30_2_2-0Jayson Nix homered (Fly). Rajai Davis scored.1.331.1476.5 %.1421.3711
R HernandezY Escobar30___2-0Yunel Escobar singled to right (Liner).0.620.5278.9 %.0240.3901
R HernandezC Patterson301__2-0Corey Patterson grounded into a double play to second (Grounder). Yunel Escobar out at second.0.980.9173.7 %-.052-0.8001
R HernandezJ Bautista32___2-0Jose Bautista walked.0.320.1174.6 %.0090.1301
R HernandezJ Rivera321__2-0Juan Rivera reached on fielder's choice to shortstop (Grounder). Jose Bautista out at second.0.590.2472.9 %-.017-0.2401
J ReyesS Choo40___2-0Shin-Soo Choo struck out looking.1.040.5275.6 %-.027-0.2400
J ReyesS Duncan41___2-1Shelley Duncan homered (Fly).0.730.2765.2 %.1041.0010
J ReyesO Cabrera41___2-1Orlando Cabrera flied out to left (Fliner (Liner)).0.810.2767.2 %-.020-0.1700
J ReyesC Santana42___2-1Carlos Santana walked.0.510.1165.6 %.0160.1300
J ReyesM LaPorta421__2-1Matt LaPorta flied out to first (Fly).1.030.2468.6 %-.029-0.2400
R HernandezJ Arencibia40___2-1J.P. Arencibia singled to left (Grounder).0.840.5271.8 %.0330.3901
R HernandezA Hill401__2-1Aaron Hill was hit by a pitch. J.P. Arencibia advanced to 2B.1.330.9176.7 %.0480.6101
R HernandezE Thames4012_2-1Eric Thames singled to left (Liner). J.P. Arencibia advanced to 3B. Aaron Hill advanced to 2B.1.601.5282.7 %.0610.8401
R HernandezR Davis401234-1Rajai Davis doubled to left (Liner). J.P. Arencibia scored. Aaron Hill scored. Eric Thames advanced to 3B.1.632.3692.2 %.0951.6511
R HernandezJ Nix40_234-1Jayson Nix struck out swinging.0.562.0190.0 %-.022-0.5901
R HernandezY Escobar41_234-1Yunel Escobar walked.0.701.4390.3 %.0020.1701
R HernandezC Patterson411236-1Corey Patterson reached on error to second (Grounder). Eric Thames scored on error. Rajai Davis scored on error. Yunel Escobar advanced to 2B on error. Error by Orlando Cabrera.1.101.5995.3 %.0501.3411
R HernandezJ Bautista4112_8-1Jose Bautista doubled to right (Fliner (Liner)). Yunel Escobar scored. Corey Patterson scored.0.350.9398.3 %.0301.7611
R HernandezJ Rivera41_2_8-1Juan Rivera grounded out to third (Grounder). Jose Bautista advanced to 3B.0.090.6998.1 %-.002-0.3201
R HernandezJ Arencibia42__39-1J.P. Arencibia doubled to left (Fliner (Fly)). Jose Bautista scored.0.110.3798.9 %.0080.9611
R HernandezA Hill42_2_9-1Aaron Hill grounded out to third (Grounder).0.050.3398.8 %-.001-0.3301
J ReyesA Kearns50___9-1Austin Kearns walked.0.130.5298.2 %.0060.3900
J ReyesJ Hannahan501__9-1Jack Hannahan singled to center (Fliner (Liner)). Austin Kearns advanced to 2B.0.240.9197.1 %.0100.6100
J ReyesM Brantley5012_9-1Michael Brantley grounded into a double play to second (Grounder). Austin Kearns advanced to 3B. Jack Hannahan out at second.0.401.5299.0 %-.019-1.1500
J ReyesA Cabrera52__39-1Asdrubal Cabrera grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.120.3799.3 %-.003-0.3700
C DurbinE Thames50___9-1Eric Thames singled to center (Fliner (Liner)).0.020.5299.4 %.0010.3901
C DurbinR Davis501__9-1Rajai Davis singled to second (Grounder). Eric Thames advanced to 2B.0.030.9199.6 %.0010.6101
C DurbinJ Nix5012_9-1Jayson Nix fouled out to first (Fly).0.041.5299.4 %-.001-0.5901
C DurbinY Escobar5112_10-1Yunel Escobar singled to right (Grounder). Eric Thames scored. Rajai Davis advanced to 3B.0.040.9399.7 %.0031.2711
C DurbinC Patterson511_311-1Corey Patterson hit a sacrifice fly to left (Fly). Rajai Davis scored.0.021.2099.8 %.0010.0311
C DurbinJ Bautista521__11-1Jose Bautista reached on fielder's choice to second (Grounder). Yunel Escobar out at second.0.010.2499.8 %.000-0.2401
J ReyesS Choo60___11-1Shin-Soo Choo singled to right (Liner).0.030.5299.6 %.0010.3900
J ReyesS Duncan601__11-1Shelley Duncan flied out to right (Fly).0.070.9199.8 %-.001-0.3700
J ReyesO Cabrera611__11-1Orlando Cabrera flied out to left (Fly).0.040.5499.9 %-.001-0.3000
J ReyesC Santana621__11-1Carlos Santana reached on fielder's choice to third (Grounder). Shin-Soo Choo out at second.0.020.2499.9 %.000-0.2400
C DurbinJ Rivera60___11-1Juan Rivera flied out to left (Fliner (Liner)).0.000.5299.9 %.000-0.2401
C DurbinJ Arencibia61___11-1J.P. Arencibia flied out to right (Fly).0.000.2799.9 %.000-0.1701
C DurbinA Hill62___11-1Aaron Hill grounded out to third (Grounder).0.000.1199.9 %.000-0.1101
J ReyesM LaPorta70___11-1Matt LaPorta fouled out to catcher (Fly).0.020.5299.9 %.000-0.2400
J ReyesA Kearns71___11-1Austin Kearns struck out swinging.0.010.27100.0 %.000-0.1700
J ReyesJ Hannahan72___11-1Jack Hannahan flied out to center (Fly).0.000.11100.0 %.000-0.1100
R PerezE Thames70___11-1Eric Thames grounded out to second (Grounder).0.000.52100.0 %.000-0.2401
R PerezR Davis71___11-1Rajai Davis flied out to first (Fly).0.000.27100.0 %.000-0.1701
R PerezJ Nix72___11-1Jayson Nix doubled to center (Grounder).0.000.11100.0 %.0000.2201
R PerezY Escobar72_2_11-1Yunel Escobar grounded out to third (Grounder).0.000.33100.0 %.000-0.3301
J ReyesM Brantley80___11-1Michael Brantley walked.0.010.5299.9 %.0000.3900
J ReyesA Everett801__11-1Adam Everett flied out to left (Fly).0.020.91100.0 %.000-0.3700
J ReyesS Choo811__11-1Shin-Soo Choo grounded out to first (Grounder). Michael Brantley advanced to 2B.0.010.54100.0 %.000-0.2100
J ReyesS Duncan82_2_11-1Shelley Duncan flied out to left (Fliner (Fly)).0.000.33100.0 %.000-0.3300
R PerezC Patterson80___11-1Corey Patterson grounded out to pitcher (Grounder).0.000.52100.0 %.000-0.2401
R PerezM McCoy81___11-1Mike McCoy flied out to right (Fly).0.000.27100.0 %.000-0.1701
R PerezJ Rivera82___11-1Juan Rivera flied out to center (Fly).0.000.11100.0 %.000-0.1101
J ReyesO Cabrera90___11-1Orlando Cabrera grounded out to third (Grounder).0.000.52100.0 %.000-0.2400
J ReyesC Santana91___11-1Carlos Santana singled to third (Grounder).0.000.27100.0 %.0000.2700
J ReyesM LaPorta911__11-1Matt LaPorta fouled out to catcher (Fly).0.000.54100.0 %.000-0.3000
J ReyesA Kearns921__11-1Austin Kearns singled to right (Fliner (Fly)). Carlos Santana advanced to 2B.0.000.24100.0 %.0000.2100
J ReyesJ Hannahan9212_11-1Jack Hannahan struck out swinging.0.000.45100.0 %.000-0.4500