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J MarquisJ Segura10___0-0Jean Segura singled to center (Fliner (Fly)).0.870.4046.2 %.0380.3600
J MarquisR Weeks Jr.101__0-0Rickie Weeks reached on fielder's choice to shortstop (Grounder). Jean Segura out at second.1.570.7749.6 %-.034-0.3200
J MarquisR Braun111__0-2Ryan Braun homered (Fly). Rickie Weeks scored.1.180.4430.1 %.1961.7710
J MarquisJ Lucroy11___0-2Jonathan Lucroy struck out swinging.0.420.2131.0 %-.010-0.1300
J MarquisL Schafer12___0-2Logan Schafer was hit by a pitch.0.280.0830.2 %.0080.1100
J MarquisC Gomez121__0-2Carlos Gomez was hit by a pitch. Logan Schafer advanced to 2B.0.570.1928.8 %.0140.1900
J MarquisY Betancourt1212_0-5Yuniesky Betancourt homered (Fly). Logan Schafer scored. Carlos Gomez scored.1.210.3910.1 %.1872.7010
J MarquisA Gonzalez12___0-5Alex Gonzalez fouled out to first (Fliner (Liner)).0.110.0810.4 %-.003-0.0800
K LohseE Cabrera10___0-5Everth Cabrera walked.0.490.4012.7 %.0230.3601
K LohseE Cabrera101__0-5Everth Cabrera advanced on a stolen base to 2B.0.960.7713.9 %.0120.2401
K LohseW Venable10_2_0-5Will Venable flied out to left (Fly). Everth Cabrera out at third.0.861.018.5 %-.055-0.9301
K LohseC Headley12___0-5Chase Headley grounded out to first (Grounder). %-.004-0.0801
J MarquisK Lohse20___0-5Kyle Lohse struck out swinging.0.210.408.5 %-.005-0.1900
J MarquisJ Segura21___0-5Jean Segura grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). %-.003-0.1300
J MarquisR Weeks Jr.22___0-5Rickie Weeks struck out looking. %-.002-0.0800
K LohseY Alonso20___0-5Yonder Alonso singled to third (Bunt Grounder).0.480.4011.4 %.0230.3601
K LohseM Kotsay201__0-5Mark Kotsay grounded into a double play to second (Grounder). Yonder Alonso out at second.0.940.777.2 %-.042-0.6901
K LohseC Denorfia22___0-5Chris Denorfia singled to right (Grounder). %.0060.1101
K LohseJ Gyorko221__0-5Jedd Gyorko flied out to second (Fly).0.390.196.8 %-.010-0.1901
J MarquisR Braun30___0-5Ryan Braun struck out swinging.0.190.407.3 %-.004-0.1900
J MarquisJ Lucroy31___0-5Jonathan Lucroy grounded out to third (Grounder). %-.003-0.1300
J MarquisL Schafer32___0-5Logan Schafer grounded out to pitcher (Grounder). %-.002-0.0800
K LohseN Hundley30___0-5Nick Hundley struck out swinging.0.480.406.7 %-.011-0.1901
K LohseJ Marquis31___0-5Jason Marquis singled to center (Grounder). %.0140.2301
K LohseE Cabrera311__0-5Everth Cabrera struck out swinging.0.630.446.6 %-.014-0.2501
K LohseW Venable321__0-5Will Venable flied out to center (Fliner (Fly)).0.370.195.6 %-.010-0.1901
J MarquisC Gomez40___0-5Carlos Gomez walked.0.170.405.0 %.0070.3600
J MarquisY Betancourt401__0-5Yuniesky Betancourt grounded out to third (Grounder). Carlos Gomez advanced to 2B.0.270.775.2 %-.002-0.1600
J MarquisA Gonzalez41_2_0-5Alex Gonzalez grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.240.605.8 %-.006-0.3200
J MarquisK Lohse42_2_0-5Kyle Lohse lined out to third (Liner). %-.006-0.2800
K LohseC Headley40___0-5Chase Headley singled to center (Fliner (Liner)).0.450.408.6 %.0210.3601
K LohseY Alonso401__0-5Yonder Alonso flied out to third (Fly).0.890.776.7 %-.019-0.3201
K LohseM Kotsay411__0-5Mark Kotsay struck out swinging.0.600.445.3 %-.014-0.2501
K LohseC Denorfia421__0-5Chris Denorfia grounded out to third (Grounder).0.340.194.4 %-.009-0.1901
J MarquisJ Segura50___0-5Jean Segura walked.0.140.403.9 %.0050.3600
J MarquisJ Segura501__0-5Jean Segura advanced on a stolen base to 2B.0.220.773.4 %.0050.2400
J MarquisR Weeks Jr.50_2_0-5Rickie Weeks walked. %.0030.3500
J MarquisR Braun5012_0-6Ryan Braun singled to left (Grounder). Jean Segura scored. Rickie Weeks advanced to 2B.0.271.361.7 %.0141.0010
J MarquisJ Lucroy5012_0-6Jonathan Lucroy flied out to left (Fliner (Fly)).0.151.362.1 %-.004-0.5500
J MarquisL Schafer5112_0-6Logan Schafer grounded out to first (Grounder). Rickie Weeks advanced to 3B. Ryan Braun advanced to 2B.0.170.812.3 %-.002-0.2700
J MarquisC Gomez52_230-6Carlos Gomez walked.0.180.542.2 %.0010.1700
A BassR Weeks Jr.521230-7Carlos Gomez advanced on a wild pitch to 2B. Rickie Weeks scored. Ryan Braun advanced to 3B.0.250.711.3 %.0100.8410
A BassY Betancourt52_230-7Yuniesky Betancourt grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.100.541.5 %-.003-0.5400
K LohseJ Gyorko50___0-7Jedd Gyorko doubled to left (Fliner (Liner)).0.160.402.6 %.0110.6101
K LohseN Hundley50_2_0-7Nick Hundley fouled out to right (Fly). Jedd Gyorko advanced to 3B. %-.006-0.1401
K LohseA Bass51__31-7Anthony Bass grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). Jedd Gyorko scored.0.230.871.9 %-.0020.2111
K LohseE Cabrera52___1-7Everth Cabrera struck out swinging. %-.002-0.0801
A BassA Gonzalez60___1-7Alex Gonzalez singled to left (Liner).0.060.401.5 %.0020.3600
A BassK Lohse601__1-7Kyle Lohse reached on fielder's choice to first (Bunt Grounder). Alex Gonzalez out at second.0.090.771.7 %-.002-0.3200
A BassJ Segura611__1-7Jean Segura flied out to center (Fliner (Liner)).0.080.441.8 %-.002-0.2500
A BassR Weeks Jr.621__1-7Rickie Weeks flied out to right (Fly). %-.001-0.1900
M GonzalezW Venable60___1-7Will Venable grounded out to first (Grounder).0.210.401.5 %-.005-0.1901
M GonzalezC Headley61___1-7Chase Headley flied out to center (Fliner (Liner)). %-.003-0.1301
M GonzalezY Alonso62___1-7Yonder Alonso grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). %-.001-0.0801
A BassR Braun70___1-7Ryan Braun struck out swinging.0.030.401.1 %-.001-0.1900
A BassJ Lucroy71___1-7Jonathan Lucroy grounded out to third (Grounder). %-.001-0.1300
A BassL Schafer72___1-7Logan Schafer grounded out to first (Grounder). %.000-0.0800
M GonzalezM Kotsay70___1-7Mark Kotsay struck out swinging.0.170.400.8 %-.004-0.1901
B KintzlerC Denorfia71___1-7Chris Denorfia struck out swinging. %-.002-0.1301
B KintzlerJ Gyorko72___1-7Jedd Gyorko struck out swinging. %-.001-0.0801
A BassC Gomez80___1-7Carlos Gomez grounded out to third (Grounder).0.020.400.6 %-.001-0.1900
A BassY Betancourt81___1-7Yuniesky Betancourt flied out to right (Fliner (Liner)). %.000-0.1300
A BassA Gonzalez82___1-7Alex Gonzalez grounded out to first (Grounder). %.000-0.0800
A FigaroN Hundley80___1-7Nick Hundley grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.120.400.3 %-.003-0.1901
A FigaroA Amarista81___1-7Alexi Amarista singled to right (Liner). %.0030.2301
A FigaroE Cabrera811__1-7Everth Cabrera struck out swinging.0.140.440.3 %-.003-0.2501
A FigaroW Venable821__1-7Will Venable singled to left (Liner). Alexi Amarista advanced to 3B. %.0020.2501
A FigaroC Headley821_31-7Chase Headley struck out swinging.0.150.440.2 %-.004-0.4401
J ThatcherB Lalli90___1-7Blake Lalli struck out swinging.0.000.400.2 %.000-0.1900
J ThatcherJ Segura91___1-7Jean Segura grounded out to second (Grounder). %.000-0.1300
J ThatcherR Weeks Jr.92___1-7Rickie Weeks struck out swinging. %.000-0.0800
A FigaroY Alonso90___1-7Yonder Alonso grounded out to second (Grounder).0.060.400.1 %-.001-0.1901
A FigaroM Kotsay91___1-7Mark Kotsay reached on error to first (Grounder). Error by Blake Lalli. %.0010.2301
A FigaroC Denorfia911__1-7Chris Denorfia struck out swinging.0.060.440.0 %-.002-0.2501
A FigaroJ Gyorko921__1-7Jedd Gyorko singled to shortstop (Fliner (Liner)). Mark Kotsay advanced to 3B. %.0010.2501
A FigaroN Hundley921_31-7Nick Hundley grounded out to second (Grounder).0.040.440.0 %-.001-0.4401