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Auction Values For All Three ottoneu Formats

Every year, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of articles, blog posts, magazines and more offering up auction values for fantasy baseball. And almost all of these fit a fairly specific set of rules – rosters in the mid-20’s, budgets in the mid-$200’s, traditional 5×5 stats. ottoneu, however, lives in a different universe and plays by its own rules. We scoff at your tiny rosters and insignificant budgets! We do not settle for your traditional 5×5 roto scoring!*

So often, I am asked how to translate a $31 Justin Verlander or a $37 Miguel Cabrera (their actual values in 2012, according to the system devised by Zach Sanders) into a fair price in ottoneu. This is an issue I struggle with every season, particularly as we start talking about the second or third seasons of a league where more than half the dollars and roster spots are often taken up before the auction.

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