Fantasy Baseball Exposé: When Do You Know if it is Collusion?

If you participate in a fantasy baseball league, then there is a very good chance you have been flabbergasted about a trade made between other league members. You may have been outraged at the inequity of a trade. You may have had no doubts the two trading partners are involved in some nefarious scheme. But before you start jumping to conclusions about whether there is any collusion taking place, you need to first understand what collusion means and also what it does not mean.

The Supreme Court of Fantasy Judgment advocates for fantasy GMs to be able to manage their teams freely and according to their own preferences. Whether they have paid an entry fee or not, GMs should have the freedom to make their own decisions in the management of their team so long as they do not compromise the integrity of the league (e.g., entering into collusive agreements with other GMs). The Court defines collusion as a secret agreement or conspiracy for fraudulent or treacherous purposes.(1) Like many acts of treachery, collusion can take shape in many forms. Collusion can also have various levels of offense in terms of what the participating parties are trying to accomplish. But in the end, they all undermine the integrity of a league and need to be decisively addressed.

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Michael A. Stein, Esq. is the Chief Justice of Fantasy Judgment, the industry's premier dispute resolution service. Fantasy Judgment resolves league conflicts by issuing legal decisions resolving cases fairly and expeditiously.

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  1. kozilla says:

    Just so you know I am linking to this from my fantasy league homepage. I was getting excited for the footnotes as I was reading through. Good stuff.

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  2. Thanks for the feedback and comments. You might be the first person to ever admit to being excited about footnotes. Good luck in your league and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or issue that arise.

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