Steamer Fantasy Baseball Auction Values Now Up

I’m happy to announce the fantasy values have come to FanGraphs+! Based on Steamer projections, these values are for standard, OBP, and “only” leagues based on the following descriptors: 12 teams, 23 starting lineup slots, $260 budget. They will appear on the projections’ leaderboard for FanGraphs+ subscribers.

The methodology for these values has long floated around the site, but there are a few minor changes that have been made to better the accuracy and efficacy of these values.

The replacement levels have been altered to cover a full league’s worth of players. In the past, we had assumed that the last round of two contained replacement players, but discarding this assumption leads to fuller, more accurate auction values. Now, the top 276 players are worth a combined $3120, which is the full budgeted amount for a 12-team auction draft.

In the past, we’d limited results to players that met a certain at-bat or innings threshold. This is no longer the case. However, there is still need for a baseline uninfluenced by low counting stats, the league averages and standard deviations were calculated using the players with at least 350 ABs or 40 IP.


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18 Responses to “Steamer Fantasy Baseball Auction Values Now Up”

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  1. snapper says:

    Can you possibly add values for AL and NL only leagues?


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  2. jmilman77 says:

    I see they are separated by NL and AL. Do the values represent mixed league or single league values?

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  3. snapper says:

    Huh, missed that. They must be single league.

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  4. snapper says:

    Is this assuming a 1 C league? C’s are really undervalued.

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  5. snapper says:

    Thanks Zach.

    Any plans to post 2 C price?

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  6. byron says:

    This is a cool experiment, but I think the comments are pointing out why it’s not particularly useful as-is. Different budgets, positional requirements, stats: until you can enter a custom league setup, I’m not sure how many people will get use out of this.

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  7. mdecav says:

    Agreed with byron and I think LPP has its calculation flaws, although you should have inputs similar to LPP before calculating a dollar value.

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  8. tylersnotes says:

    what threshold did you set for replacement level at each position? looking at your 2011 articles, i get the sense that there have been some fluctuations since then with 3b and C becoming a bit deeper and 2b becoming shallower.

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  9. felderman says:

    statistical neophyte question: if your league uses a 280 cap instead of a 260, would multiplying each value by 1.07 give you a comparable auction value?

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  10. cbosko says:

    What would the auction value for these players be for a league that has a $400.00 team budget instead of $260.00?

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  11. sgtjunior says:

    Biggest question I have is how is it Cabrera’s value is lower than Pujols? If you switch to AL only, he is the only player to see his value diminish. Down to 4th behind even Prince. I see no statistical reason he should be higher than Miggy. What am I missing?

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  12. Mark says:

    So how do I see these auctionvalues??? Where do I go on your website??

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  13. wjylaw says:

    Billy Butler’s AL only number is ridiculously low at $14, and seems to indicate some kind of math error if you compare him to other players in the “DH” position. (notwithstanding the fact it’s an even more glaring error if you compare his stats to other 1B’s, where he qualifies this year)

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  14. jacob_m says:

    Looking at 5×5, it seems there are only 182 players at or above replacement and the sum of those reaches $1901. The total for the top 276 is of course lower since the remaining players are negative value.

    Am I missing something?

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  15. jacob_m says:

    And the answer to my own question is yes. Never mind.

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  16. POPPYDIGITAL says:

    gents, was having trouble computing what the proper starting amount would be for an 18-team 24 round draft for a H2H mixed league (C-1B-2B-3B-SS-OF-OF-OF-DH-SP-SP-SP-SP-SP-RP-RP + 8 bench). i couldn’t figure out which variables to use to get the correct proportions. here are some of the #s that i would think factor into this equation:

    12 teams X $260 = 3,120
    18 teams X $260 = 4,680

    12 teams X 23 players taken = 276
    18 teams X 24 players taken = 432

    can you help? thanks

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  17. YankeeGM says:

    Maybe you guys could post the values for your own leagues (Ottoneu)?

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