Top Fantasy Prospects for 2014

The 2013 season saw a number of rookies play key roles for their respective clubs and, in the process, significantly impact fantasy baseball. Arms like Jose Fernandez (Marlins), Julio Teheran (Braves), Hyun-Jin Ryu (Dodgers) and Trevor Rosenthal (Cardinals) made names for themselves while providing important innings for their respective clubs and fantasy managers alike. Hitters such as Yasiel Puig (Dodgers), Nolan Arenado (Rockies), Jedd Gyorko (Padres) and Wil Myers (Rays) set the foundations for future successes and look like future fantasy studs.

With each new fantasy season comes a new group of impressive — yet volatile — prospects. Barring injuries, star athletes’ performances are somewhat predictable. Rookie performances, though, are often much hard to pin down but, if you guess right, they can have a huge impact on a fantasy team’s season.

This article will endeavor to (somewhat accurately) recommend the key rookie players to target at each position based on both expected playing time and overall statistical impact for the coming season. It’s important to note this article ranks players based solely on projected 2014 impact, not future impact or overall ceiling…

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8 Responses to “Top Fantasy Prospects for 2014”

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  1. Robert says:

    Tommy La Stella’s not on the list at 2B?

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  2. Jesse says:

    Taylor Lindsay?

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  3. schoenbl says:

    You have Robert Stephenson marked to play for the Cardinals.

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  4. NorDub says:

    In the FG+ player profiles, you said this about Hedges: “Unfortunately, his defensive contributions aren’t going to help fantasy managers (unless they own Padres pitchers, too) and his offense isn’t really much to write home about. He’s not a terrible hitter but he’s likely to be fringe-average early in his career with a chance to be average to slightly-above-average in his prime. Hedges, 21, has some gap power and might hit for a respectable average (.240-.260)”

    But here Hedges is in an article that touts rookies with the potential to have “huge” and “significant” fantasy impact. So is the catcher position that shallow that he just ends up on the top 3 by default (I’m guessing so)? I wouldn’t want owners thinking he’ll really be worth targeting in any normal sized league this year, especially with MLB ready catcher talent already so deep, at least fantasy wise.

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  5. Marc Hulet says:

    Yes, it’s the fact that the bar is set so low for rookie catcher contributions.

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  6. Marc Hulet says:

    I’m not a huge La Stella believer…

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  7. Marc Hulet says:

    And I don’t see Lindsey have much of an impact in 2014…

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  8. mauro1 says:

    Archie bradley missing?

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